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April 22nd, 2018

Red Dawn Remake Theatrical Trailer

When a film sits on the shelf for years at a time the general consensus is usually that the film is a bomb. Now, its easy to write a film off that way because if there wasn’t a ton of enthusiasm to release it then obviously it can’t be that great right? Not necessarily- most will remember a film that wasn’t released for a few years by the name of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, that even if you are one of the few that hated it, lots of people still responded phenomenally to it. Granted there were quite a few extenuating circumstances involved with that film as with the upcoming remake of RED DAWN. However, after watching this trailer I have to side with the folks assuming that this one is going to be bad.

The film stars Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson and features the United States being taken over by an outside force- North Korea in this case. I thought the trailer started out well enough with some cool shots of the coming invasion and the plane crashing in the neighborhood, but it quickly dropped down into generic been there done that action- which I guess could easily be assumed given it is a remake. The dialogue sounded extremely cheesy in an unintentional way and everything about it just felt mediocre. The remake of RED DAWN wasn’t really on my radar to begin with, but it’s safe to say that now that it’s made a blip on that radar I will be quick to get it out as soon as I’m done with sharing the trailer with all of you fine folks. Please don’t take my word for it- check it out and tell me what you think!


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