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April 25th, 2018

Are You Ready For An Alf Movie?

Jordan Kerner must have really been bitten by the nostalgia bug as of late as the producer was responsible for bringing The Smurfs back to public consciousness last year- much to a lot of people’s dismay- and now the man is at it again. I’m sure everyone has been lying awake at night wondering when in the world that weird hairy cat eating alien Alf was going to be given his due on the big screen- well good news, you may be able to sleep well tonight. Sony Animation now has a deal to make an live action/CGI hybrid- much like 2011’s THE SMURFS- movie with Kerner attached to produce.

No director possibilities have been thrown in the ring just yet, but Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco are also on board to produce. Patchett helped create the series and Fusco was the puppeteer behind Alf while also contributing the character’s voice and will be reprising it in the film.

I have to say I have no problems with an ALF movie, but I also don’t have any incredibly fond memories of the show either. I will say though that the fact that they announced it as a hybrid of live action and CGI animation is a bit disappointing as I would have hoped they’d just go with a puppet once again, but I guess maybe everyone involved with inking this deal saw TED and a light bulb switched on. ALF currently has no other major release details or cast information.

What do you think of the news that ALF is one step closer to the big screen?

Via: Yahoo! Movies


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