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June 19th, 2018

The Avengers Sequel Release Date

Earlier in the month Walt Disney Studios announced that The Avengers would be returning with Joss Whedon once again at the helm as director. This is great news for fan’s of Joss Whedon whom for me is best known for his outstanding work on the Firefly TV series. If he brings only half the sharp wit of Firefly to The Avengers sequel it will be an outstanding experience.

Today Walt Disney has emailed us to let  us know the release date for the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel to The Avengers which at this time remains untitled. The Avengers 2 release date is May 1st 2015.

No word yet on plot lines or villains but considering that The Avengers is the third highest grossing MARVEL movie with a take of just over $1.5billion I am sure that MARVEL and Disney will pull out all the stops to make the sequel fantastic.

Where would you like to see the sequel to Avengers go? What villains should they face?

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