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June 21st, 2018

Superman Man of Steel Trailer Break Down

UPDATE: The two trailers are now online and viewable here

It should go without saying that this post contains some spoilers on the upcoming Superman Man of Steel trailer which was released at comic con. The trailer has already hit the web in incredibly horrible grainy fashion and from it we can see some key points on the new film and where Zack Snyder will be taking Superman: Man of Steel.

The films trailer covers a wide scope of time showing an aged Clark Kent with a beard and also showing a young teenage Cark Kent saving  a bus full of children with his father’s voice heard in the background expressing that people are scared of what they do not understand. This appears to be the under tone fo the film of people fearing Superman because they do not understand what he is and can not control him.

This is a great story arc because it is so true that our governments and people in general do not trust what they can not control. We see this in The Dark Knight Rises and we also saw it in Iron Man and it helps root the characters in the real world.

Playing into this theme Superman is also shown in costume hand cuffed by some sort of security personell and being escorted which also continues to hint to the overall tone. My assumption that it is the police and not Lex Luthor’s henchmen is based on the fact that Superman would only be held in handcuffs by choice.

The trailer shows off lots of great little snippets that I wont get into to much but its clear that this is definitely going to be a big step up from the Superman Returns movie while still holding onto lots of great key elements. We see his ship that brought him from his dieing planet, we see his father and mother, we see Clark as a child wearing a red cape running by the farmhouse and we also see Superman as a man getting thrown into a bank crushing a vault demonstrating that unlike Bryan Singer’s reboot this time the Man of Steel has a fight on his hands.

While we await the official full HD trailer for Superman Man of Steel enjoy the official poster that the studio just released below.


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