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May 24th, 2018

Paranormal Activity 4 Trailers

Update (7/31/12):¬†Another day closer to the official trailer premiere and another day with more teaser trailers to the hopefully more revealing official trailer. Not a whole lot new hear, but if you like to be informed on all things involving trailers and info on movies you are looking forward to then head on below for yet another extremely short tease to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. The one from yesterday seemed to be easier to pull a shot of semi new material from, but this trailer is cut a lot quicker and as far as I can tell there is almost no footage in this teaser we haven’t already seen. We have the dog from the second film barking at the open door in Hunter’s room, a body being thrown at the camera which appears to be from the second film as well and then a couple of very quick cuts where I couldn’t really pick up anything of note, same going for the other teaser as well. The trailers are again 13 only seconds long and informs us to keep an eye out for the full trailer on August 1st on iTunes.

Summer blockbusters are going to begin wrapping up here in the coming month, so maybe it’s that time to start looking forward once again to the October months and the slew of horror releases we will be in for this Halloween. We’ve gotten glimpses of some extremely promising releases in titles like V/H/S and SINISTER, but there’s of course the wild card lurking in late October, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. After PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 surprised a lot of people in terms of its quality and being a third film in the franchise the question remains on rather or not the fourth entry will live up to the rest. Well below you can check out a teaser for the film- one that I will warn you, has maybe one second out of 13 that is footage we haven’t really seen. In fairness, it basically says that this is merely the teaser for the full trailer that will premiere on August 1st.

If you don’t want to watch the trailer because you’re saving yourself for the full experience, then I advise clicking away as I’m about to lay out some spoilers for the franchise and the trailer- also if you didn’t want to see it then I have to question clicking on this to begin with. The teaser basically shows quick shots of the bed sheets from the first film being waved by an unseen presence, followed by some quick jump scares of people screaming in an extreme close up and the bit of new footage shows Katie (the woman who gets possessed in the first film and appears in both sequels so far) walking out of a house with Hunter (the baby from the second film) in hand- the shot is shown in reverse so it looks as though they are walking backwards back into the house. That’s pretty much it, aside from the tag at the end informing you of the official full trailer release on August 1st- so stay tuned for that.

The film will likely follow suit with the previous sequels by going back in time even farther while mixing a tag from somewhere forward in the timeline that connects why this is all being filmed and also giving more clues to how exactly all the films tie in and why this family is being haunted by the ghost that the little girls in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 name Toby. The film is directed by the same directors as the third film, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost with a script written by Zack Estrin. Look for the film in theaters October 19, 2012.

What do you think of the teaser for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4?

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