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April 20th, 2018

Dark Knight Rises: Will it Defeat Avengers?

Will The Dark Knight Rises defeat the monster box office numbers that The Avengers turned in early this year?

The Dark Knight Rises might be racking up some massive ticket sale numbers but it still faces some serious disadvantages going up against The Avengers. First being that The Avengers was a more family friendly fare where as The Dark Knight Rises will see our favorite caped crusader literally  get crippled by BANE. Not exactly the kind of stuff we want our 10 year olds watching.

I for one have no intentions on taking my kidlet to see Dark Knight Rises because of its violent content but felt safe in taking him to see The Avengers.

There is no question that The Dark Knight Rises will make $1billion for Warner Brothers but I am doubtful it can topple the monster box office hit that is The Avengers. Its darker tone, longer running time and the fact it lacks the Heath Ledger Joker Buzz are all things that will work against it.

One thing is for sure The Amazing SpiderMan is about to get crushed by the Dark Knight and he might just give The Avengers a thumping as well when it comes to monies earned.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens tonight at midnight and currently represents 91% of all of Thursday’s ticket sales on Fandango, the nation’s leading moviegoer destination.

Earlier this week, Fandango surveyed more than a thousand DARK KNIGHT RISES ticket-buyers and discovered the following:

  • 97% said the darker tone made them more interested in seeing the movie.
  • 89% claimed the new villain, Bane, made them excited to see the film.
  • 72% consider themselves fans of director Christopher Nolan.
  • 62% said they’re excited by the fact that more than an hour of the film was shot in IMAX.
  • 58% said that Christian Bale was the actor they most preferred as Batman.

Are you going to see The Dark Knight Rises?


  1. I am the smrt

    Avengers is a way better movie. all these Batman Fanboys are jelous. DC sucks and always has. Marvel superheroes are just so much more exciting. has anyone even read the old superman and batman comics. there were nothing compared to Marvels beginnings.DC stories never had a continued story…and Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane….lame! Ya Batman is darker…big deal. Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America…all their movies were excellent and had the true nature of comic mixed into the movie where it was fun and exciting.

    Green Lantern…fail….Superman….fail.Batman is the only hero by DC that didn’t fail! Now it has ended already.

    Thor has more movies coming out…hulk, Captain America….iron man..even nick fury is coming out with a movie….so much more in depth movie with many many years to come.

    Marvel Rules!

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