Why The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Be Better

  • AMC’s hit TV show is one of the best and highest rated shows on cable television. It has made zombies cool in mainstream America and brought my die hard passion for all things zombie to mainstream audiences. For that AMC will forever be a champion for the zombie genre. Season 1 of The Walking Dead which was 6 episodes long was the six greatest episodes of televion I have seen in a very long time.

    Season 2 of the Walking Dead which was 13 episodes was entertaining but a very large let down from the first season.I enjoyed Season 2 and felt it had a very climatic ending but like many diehard fans I felt most of the series was spent washing dishes and laundry on the farm. The story seemed to loose itself in the very important human drama element and forget that it is after all also about zombies.

    As much as Season 2 was a weak point for me I feel that Season 3 of the Walking Dead is going to be a monumental hit and I have 8 reasons why. Lets get to them;

  • The Prison

    The Prison is one of the most diabolical settings from the comic and as much as one might thing a prison would be a really secure place to hide away from zombies this one is anything but. Walking Dead producer Glen Mazzara compares it to a shark tank.

    The shows producer has revealed that unlike in the graphic novel where the prison was relatively safe and secure in the show the prison is a very dangerous place comparable to a haunted house with areas that are far to dangerous to go to for the survivors. Although I am sure the will still try with much failure.

    It is by no means secure and as much as we fear the zombies on the outside we should equally fear the men and women around us. The Prison will demonstrate this.

  • Walking Dead Season 3 introduce Michone


    We have all been waiting with eager anticipation for Michone to make her appearance and finally that itme has arrived. The sword toting ass kicking strong female character will add an entirely new dynamic.

    Her introduction at the end of Season 2 with her two jawless and arm less zombie companions was a true show stopper.

    AMC’s The Walking Dead and the graphic novel itself has plenty of strong female characters with Michone being one  of the key ones and having another strong female lead will add even more diversity. Plus did we mention she has a sword and two pet zombies?

    If you mess with Michone you will get the blade because this katana toting fencing champion is not to be messed with.

  • More Episodes

    This one should be a no brainer but also does come with a few caveats. The Walking Dead Season 3 is 16 episodes compared to the 13 episodes of Season 2.

    This is a good thing giving the producers more space to tell the story and draw us into a larger conflict and a deeper more rich environment.

    That all said though we should be cautious since Season 2 of The Walking Dead had twice as many episodes as the first season and was half as fun.

  • Dish Network Dropped AMC

    What does Dishnetwork have to do with The Walking Dead Season 3 quality? A lot of things. Dish Network dropped The Walking Dead and all of AMc’s programming which means two things.

    A lot of American subscribers no longer get to see The Walking Dead and AMC has lost access to 14million Dish Network subscribers. That is a huge hit in the pocket book.

    AMC will work very hard to push up the ratings of The Walking Dead and put together a very well polished production to help them in their battle to get back on Dish Network. Will it help them? Probably not but record breaking third season ratings wont hurt in their attempts to get back on Dish Network.

  • The Walking Dead Season 2

    Greg Nicotero

    There are a few names in the zombie verse that I love George Romero being the first and Greg Nicotero being the second.

    George Romero is the father of zombie films and Robert Kirkman the creator of The Walking Dead has openly said that were it not for Romero he would never have made The Walking Dead.

    As much as Romero is the master of zombies Greg Nicotero is the man that truly can raise the dead. The Walking Dead is fantastic for its source material but without Greg Nicotero’s amazing special FX skills and his ability to make such truly amazing zombie make up it would all be for nothing.

  • Season 2 sucked

    I am sure that many of you are going to throw stones at me and tell me that Walking Dead is much more than a zombie story. You are right! It is a story of human drama where the emphasis is more on the survivors then it is on constant run and gun zombie bashing.

    That however does not excuse the fact that the first half of the second season of The Walking Dead was a complete bore. So much so I questioned why I had paid money to stream the season online.

    The producers are not oblivious to the online complaints and the season 2 story pacing debacle will help make Season 3 better

  • The Governor

    David Morrisey has been cast to play one of the most complex and diabolical villains from the world of The Walking Dead.

    He will play the Governor in Walking Dead Season 3 and the producers have promised that his introduction will not take long in the third season and that it will be a big splash.

    The show’s producers have said they are going to deviate from the graphic novels and so far they have but those who read the graphic novels know that The Governor scars Rick and his family more so then any other villain in the graphic novels. Will they carry what happens to the show? If they do it will be epic!

  • The return of Merle

    Daryl and Merle are two of the best characters on the show hands down. Merle was last scene in the first Season of The Walking Dead where he cut off his hand to escape the undead and where he is now is completely unknown.

    His brother Daryl has been travelling with Rick and the other survivors and has formed a loose bond with them. At the end of season 2 things got heated and in season 3 with the return of Merle we will get to see if Daryl will be a good guy or a bad guy.

    A true Cain and Able scenario could play out or Daryl could team with his estranged brother to raise hell with The Governor.

    So there you have it the 8 reasons I am looking forward to The Walking Dead Season 3. Why are you excited for the next season? Or are you not?