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May 24th, 2018

Writers Hired For Jurassic Park 4

I’ve been hearing ramblings for a new JURASSIC PARK sequel or even reboot online for years. It seems as though the dream of seeing a new and hopefully better sequel is finally going to come to fruition as Universal has picked who will be in charge of writing the script and the name(s) are very encouraging.

Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have been put in charge of bringing the series back to life after the poorly received Joe Johnston directed sequel JURASSIC PARK 3. I’m personally very excited about the possibility of a sequel and adding this duo to the project only intensifies my excitement as they were responsible for THE RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES- a film that just missed my top ten list of 2011, but did make the honerable mentions.

Steven Spielberg will not be stepping in to direct the film but will be on board as a producer. There is currently no other solid information about the film, exept that I’m assuming anyone involved will be pushed to set it up for a 3D release as the original is set to be released back into theaters in July 2013 in 3D, which in my opinion foreshadows the next installment to be released in the same format.

Aside from the 3D I am very excited about a sequel, as I love the original and am likely in the minority of people who actually enjoy the other two sequels- including Johnston’s contribution, though I agree whole heartedly it has plenty of problems. If I were a betting man I’d be willing to hedge my bets on RISE OF THE APES director, Rupert Wyatt, to be somewhere on a short list of directors to take the project on- especially with Jaffa and Silver tapped to write and that combo worked pretty well for there.

What do you think of a JURASSIC PARK sequel? Who do you think should be hired to direct?

Via: Deadline


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