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April 25th, 2018

New Trailer For Wreck-It Ralph

I’ve passed the title for WRECK-IT RALPH several times while browsing around on IMDb and never stopped to read what it was about. Finally, while browsing around once again I saw that a trailer was posted and gave it a whirl- I’m not 110% on board with this movie and I can’t wait to see it. Sure it’s Disney and it may be focused more on the kid audience, but there looks to be a ton of nostalgic fun in the frames of this film as well as some other really fun videogame references and jokes along the way. The animation looks awesome, the voice cast is great and the idea is nothing to squint your nose at either. It may just be the trailer, but WRECK-IT RALPH has all the makings of a truly fun and memorable animated film.

The trailer hints at a video game bad guy, Wreck-It Ralph, that doesn’t enjoy being a bad guy at all and attends a bad guy support group and later comes to the decision to hop into other games to try his luck, including in a first person shooter game. The trailer doesn’t quite touch on what might be another conflict in the film, but here’s the synopsis according to IMDb: The bad-guy character in a classic game who longs to be a hero brings trouble to his entire arcade after sneaking into a new first-person shooter game and unleashing a deadly enemy.

It’s also fun to sit around and enjoy some of your favorite video game characters on screen- my personal favorite is Bowser. WRECK-IT RALPH was directed by Rich Moore and features the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer and Brandon T. Jackson. The film is scheduled to release on November 2, 2012.

What do you think of the trailer for WRECK-IT RALPH?


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