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June 21st, 2018

News Recap: The Latest on The Walking Dead Season 3

Over the last few weeks there have been a lot of great tidbits released about The Walking Dead series and I wanted to take a quick minute to recap some of the most memorable notes on the show. The third season is the biggest season yet at 16 episodes which will make fans very happy. I loved Season 1 but the cost to me to see it was a bit of a turn off when you consider that all I got for it was 6 episodes. The second season was a bit better at 13 episodes and clearly Season 3 will have even more room to grow its story and really build the characters with its 16 episodes.

AMC will present “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Preview Weekend on Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 starting at 10:30 a.m. The two day event will see all 19 episodes of the first two seasons of The Walking Dead play back to back with a special Talking Dead at 8pm on the night of the 8th which will focus on the two seasons past and the new upcoming third season.

Directly afterwards at 9pm will see the world premiere of the first episode of Walking Dead in black and white clearly an homage to George Romero and Night of the Living Dead which is what inspired Robert Kirkman to create the graphic novel in the first place. No Romero and Kirkman has said there would have been no Walking Dead.

As you should all know David Morrissey is going to be playing The Governor which is not only one of the most complex characters but also one of the most diabolical. Robert Kirkman creator of The Walking Dead was very pleased with the casting of David stating in an interview with MTV that David really understood the character best;

 “More than any other actor, David Morrissey came in and wanted to embrace everything that there is to the Governor. He knew this is a complicated character, and he knew this was a character that people are going to hate to love.

 He recognized that this character is a villain,”  “A lot of people came in and were like, ‘But he’s a good guy inside, right?’ They want that nuance, and that’s definitely important. We definitely have that. The Governor isn’t a one-note character; there are a lot of layers to that onion. But this is a sadistic guy. David Morrissey, more than any other actor, really wanted to sink his teeth into that role. He wants to embrace everything there is about the Governor. I think people are going to quickly realize that David Morrissey is an awesome guy for the role.”

This role was originally offered to John Hawke’s who not only looked the part but had the talents to pull the role off. John however turned the role down because he apparently does not do shows that have commercials. I am not sure what that means but he told MovieWeb ;

“They offered me the role, and I just felt there would be someone else who could do it better. I was flattered, and I took a look at the series. It held interest for me, but I just didn’t feel like I was the guy for it. I have to be careful of what TV shows I choose, particularly ones that have commercials in them, because it’s going to be a different kind of television show. There are going to be sponsors.”

Recently Gale Anne Hurd the producer of the show was talking about the third season saying that she is incredibly excited for the new location of The Prison while praising the second season for its setting.  know that most fans me included would disagree. She said in an official interview released by AMC;

I will say that I loved the farm, but it is good to be off the farm. And the contrast between our [two main sets] this season is so great…We’re setting up this first community that is functioning in a post-zombie apocalypse. We get to see not only the advantages of putting civilization back on its feet again but also the dark forces at work in what may seem like a Utopia.

Walking Dead Season 2 was incredibly dry and at times calling it dry is a compliment I might have been better to call it boring. The setting of the farm mixed with next to no character development or action made it a real snoozer. A zombie show without zombies is not much fun and as much as I love the psychological human elements I do want some zombies. Fortunately the second half of Season 2 picked up and the season definitely ended on a climatic note.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead takes us to the prison and will also see a few new characters introduced but also some past characters returning. Michone the Katana toting zombie herder has arrived and she will definitely introduce a new hardy character to boost the shows intensity and definitely its ratings with die hard fans of the graphic novel. Michone is a complex character and her introduction in the final episode of Season 2 with her two armless and jawless zombie companions was in a word… epic.

Walking Dead Season 3 introduce Michone

Merle will also finally return in Season 3 which will introduce a fantastic Cane and Abel angle. Darryl his brother has been travelling with the group now for two whole seasons and for the most part had integrated himself well. In the end of Season two Darryl had grown distant from the group and with his brother returning the question will be who will he side with? Will he turn to his brother and cause mayhem for the group or will he stand with his new friends and be forced to go head to head with his older more violent brother?

Another interesting bit which may or may not play into Season 3 is we could very well see the return of Morgan and his son from Season 1. You will remember that they are the ones who originally rescued ( kinda ) Rick when he escapes the hospital and is clueless as to what is going on.  Lennie James who played Morgan has said in a recent interview with the BBC that he would love to return and if he can fit it he will. A really nice treat would be to see Morgan return in the second half of Season 3.

In the end of Season 2 we saw Carl have to put down one of the lead characters Shane after he turned into a zombie. Season 3 of The Walking Dead according to TV Guide will see Carl go from curious child in an apocalyptic world to a child soldier. Executive producer  Glen Mazzara tells them;

“We’re interested in exploring Carl as a child soldier in this war against the walkers,”  “He becomes a very, very effective, strong part of the group. He’s no longer the young child who needs to be cared for and who needs to be minded. That Carl is gone.”

You tell us are you excited for Walking Dead Season 3? What characters are you hoping to see and more importantly where do you see the story going? The producers of Walking Dead have made it very clear that the show will not follow the graphic novels closely and Season 1 and 2 have proven that so your guess is as good as ours as to how Season 3 will play out in the Prison.

Checkout a Walking Dead Season 3 video sneak peak video below and then give us your 2 cents.


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