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December 13th, 2018

Proof The Dark Knight Rises Will Have Robin!?

Many months ago when Joseph Gordon Levitt was first cast in The Dark Knight Rises we speculated on what his role would be and whether he would be playing The Dark Knight’s spectacular sidekick Robin or perhaps even better Nightwing.

Rumors ran rampant on the internet and Christopher Nolan was quick to crush the idea but now the internet is once again a buzz with some pretty solid clues to the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to play much more then the character we are led to believe.

The original reason that we suspected that Joseph would be playing Night Wing is because he is an up and coming star with too much name value and talent to be regulated to playing a small bit cop role. As for why we figured Night Wing and not Robin that was simply because Robin is a bit more sugar coated where as Night Wing fits nicely into the tone for the Dark Knight that Christopher Nolan has developed.

The official role that Joseph Gordon Levitt plays in The Dark Knight Rises is that of special duty beat cop John Blake who answers directly to the Commissioner and in turn helps Batman.

When I first speculated that Joseph would be playing much more than a small cop role I based it off the simple idea that Warner Brothers needed a launching point for a new franchise when Christopher Nolan finishes his. There is no way that the studio will allow the Batman film franchise to end after The Dark Knight Rises and with Christopher Nolan adamant he will not return the studio needs a take off point.

Warner Brothers will be hard pressed to top the job that Christian Bale has done as Batman and the easiest launch forward would be an origins story with Batman taking a secondary role in the story.  The last thing they want to do is what is happening with Spiderman where they remade it to quickly and we are all comparing Andrew Garfield to Tobey Maquire. Who would possibly play Batman to the level that Christian Bale did? It will end up being just like when Michael Keaton was replaced in the original Batman by Val Kilmer and people were literally screaming at the screen ‘not the real batman’ throughout thefilm.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Nightwing would introduce a strong new character that would give Warner Brother’s  a place to take the Batman franchise after Nolan. We have no idea what Nolan will do with Batman in this movie but we do know that BANE broke the bat and perhaps this story ends with Batman broken and a new hero stepping up… ala Night Wing. As much as Nolan tells us there is no Robin / Nightwing in his story do we really expect him to give away such a massive plot twist?

At this point you should all be asking what proof is there that Joseph is playing anything more than a beat cop that answers to Commissioner Gordon? Speculating and wanting it to be true do not make it so but thanks to Forbes Writer Mark Hughes we have the first proof that our early hunches were right.

Mark has apparently seen footage we have not and perhaps has seen the entire film but the key item that he has seen is the fact that in the film Joseph’s character goes around town drawing with chalk and what he is drawing isn’t smiley faces. He is drawing the following;

Is it the bat symbol? What if you flip it upside down? you get the following; Does it look like the bat symbol or does it look like a bird and a certain iconic side kicks logo?

Is Christopher Nolan giving a nod to Robin / Night Wing as he leaves the franchise or is he leaving the door open for Warner Brothers to focus on a Dick Grayson origins story? As was pointed out by one of our readers ‘Ebhaugen02’ in the comments below The Dark Knight rises is set 8 years after the film and he claims its a child drawing the bat like figures with chalk not Joseph Gordon Levitt.

So it could very well be that the Forbes writer is desperately stretching and their is no connection at all but rather its just a child drawing in crayon about a hero of the past similar to how we as kids would.

In an ideal world I would love to see the plot show that Bane was working on behalf  of Talia Al Ghul and that as depicted in the trailers Bane breaks the Bat who overcomes with the help of Catwoman, and John and then retires to pass off the mantle.

The big secondary question in all of this which Luke my fellow blogger and I were discussing this morning is what part does Marion Cotillard play in the film? She has been left out of most the marketing materials and early rumors did have her pegged to play Talia. Officially Marion Cotillard will play Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.

Share your thoughts and what arc you think Dark Knight Rises will take. Please refrain from 2 year old comments and instead opt for a mature discussion


  1. BigNoseDog

    Good grief. Go watch the trailer again. It isn’t John Blake drawing the bat symbol. It’s the boy he’s talking to.

    • Great observation. It would seem you think Forbes is DEAD wrong :)

      • Churrohs

        Yeah but if you watch the international trailer, John Blake asks the kid if he “knows about him?” after the kid draws the symbol with chalk. The kid goes “of course.” The kid isn’t talking about Batman because all of Gotham knows who Batman. (They talk about him in the news, he’s go the bat signal, etc) Clearly the John Blake character is asking about someone who isn’t well-known (Possibly Robin/Nightwing)

        • BigDunc

          yeah but this story is 8 years after the dark knight and Batman is either retired or in hiding after the end of that story because everyone thinks he is a killer, Blake may be asking the kid just because Batmans been gone so long and yet he is still considered a legend and a hero by some of the people in Gotham

        • Huggseybear

          bro you made everyone look silly. in the movie hes asking the boy about his younger brother. sorry to spoil

          • Johnblake

            Actually, you’re wrong. In the movie the boy’s “younger brother” as you put it, is actually his older brother who was found dead.
            They are talking about Batman anyways.

    • Claytondhoward

      John Blake does end up drawing the bat symbol later in the movie while trying to track down the nuke.

  2. Glennking439

    There will be no robin/nightwing. Gordon-levit would have to have been training for the role(gym, excersising,ect) and the public would have noticed if he was

  3. guest

    whoever wrote this is clearly a retard…bale said he would never work for a movie that has robin and the very fact that nolan denied it clearly shows theres no robin.  complete retard writing bullsh*t

    • do you expect them to spoil the movie? Appreciate your views but you dont have to be a dick in how you share them.

      • Zach36pitch

        awesome call on robin levitt does draw the bat logo but  if u watch him draw he draws it with his hand facing toward the ground so it kinda looks like he’s drawing a bird cause from his pov thats what it would like. if u get what im saying

    • CrummyLuke

      And by posting as a Guest as opposed to your name clearly indicates you have the courage to stand by your opinion after using such ignorant and politically incorrect wording.

      Your reasoning for why you think this is untrue is coming from people involved with the movie and are contractually obligated to do as the studio says to not reveal anything significant about the plot or any twists that may arise. Also it would be working against themselves to reveal such things before the movie is released, so their statements are nothing more than a good PR move rather than FACT about rather or not the allegations are in fact true.

      Taking someone in Hollywood by their word is almost as foolish as calling a complete stranger in a comment a “retard.” Feel free to say you agree with the filmmakers and stars about something not being in the movie, but please do try to not sound like such a tool while doing so. 

    • Kyle

      it’s been proven he never said that. and Nolan never said he wouldn’t have Robin either. 

      • guest

        =.= “proven”, look at you, go watch a few interviews before you come talking like a smart a55

        • Yo

          Just watched the movie.guess there will be a robin as seen at the end of the movie ,so do the whole world a favor and go kill yourself you dumb fuckin ignorant piece of shit. Next time u watch a trailer don’t take it to heart because it doesn’t mean shit u fucktard!!!!

          • Marsea

            That’s pretty ridiculous to tell someone to go kill themselves. I mean you don’t even know the person. And maybe your unkind, immature and hurtful words could really push someone to their edge. Can you imagine if that person you just called a piece of shit actually just went and killed themself?! And what you said was literally just meaningless words on a irrelevant online blog? You should really watch what you say to people as you hide behind your online name tag. And that goes for anyone else who wants to harass people online over a subject that should be just striking curiosity not proving someone’s intelligence on a movie.

    • Jbgy

      Well guess what dumbass


      you’re fuckin wrong!

      Levitt is Robin and Bane is fighting for Talia.

    • Asdfjkl

      Unfortunately you are wrong. Watch the movie

    • Robinisreal

      Well now u look stupid cos he is robin.. Clown

    • Jason

      Looks like your the retard. Guess what *SPOILER* saw it last night he is Robin/Nightwing or at least will be it ends with him entering the batcave retard.

    • Munozmeno

       I bet you’ll feel stupid as tits after watching the movie

    • Deuceberry

      Go watch the movie. You’re gonna feel dumb. 

    • Slagneb_123

      Haha there’s a robin

    • James Bebo

      chin up… he’s robin

    • Pennys_sis

      HAHA, how does it feel now, bub?

    • Happyhappy0

      Well now, don’t you feel like the retard? :p

  4. Obito_Rinnegan

    Okay this whole robin bizz is really getting to me, what the fuck? I can def. See him helping batman out…just like gordon does, I can def. See him, not replacing gordon, but temporaily take over for him because something happens to gordon, which is obvious in the teaser. I’m not doubting that its ment “the bat symbol chalk” too look like that, but it would be nothing more than that. You sound just like the people who said that in the 2nd trailer, with the R symbol in the crowd during the football stadium scene, that its there to signify robin being in the film. He is not going to be in the film. Will he help batman, yes, will he be working cloes to him like “gordon” yes, but not fucking robin. Fuck man, way to go, making articles title, proof of robin being in the film, with little….I mean little proof..lmao not even proof

    • We will see how it all shakes out if FORBES writer is wrong or as noted by commentors is DEAD Wrong :)

    • Alphabetsoup23x

      Hey dumbass guess what? Robin was in the movie

    • Chedaman

      If they aren’t thinking of making a movie with robin or of robin then why would they put him in the movie, its stupid, i mean, he goes to a cave after and his middle name is robin. They have to make a movie, or i will be pissed.

  5. Ebhaugen02

    You call THAT proof? That’s your “concrete evidence”? First of all, the school student draws that symbol. Second of all, it doesn’t even look like a Robin when flipped upside down…..if anything it looks like a falcon or a hawk, and last….batman has been gone for 8 years and most people never was him when he was still batman and so they don’t exactly know/remember exactly what the batman symbol looked like so it’s their attempt at getting it right they way they remembered it 8 years ago

    • Zach36pitch

      omg ok, he is robin at the end of the movie he goes to pick up a package the woman the has the package asks his name he says john blake and she says ur name isnt on the list. he then say well i dont go by my real name and he hands her his card . she says, “thats a pretty name u should go by ur real name.” then she says his name. and what is it ladies and gentlemen its……………….. ding ding ding “robin”. Nolan is know for surprise why do u think he code names everything. he wants to keep u guessing, thats his style he has always done it that way. he follows the comics read up on ur comics everything pretty much follow them in the moves. 

  6. I would like to see TDKR with Dick Grayson. Not Robin…people will assume Nightwing because Alfred will say to Bruce. He is your wing. It would also be awesome to see Talia Al Ghul because her and Bruce have a kid, but this is too much for the story and IDK what the hell will happen. I agree with this post in some way. It would be great to open a Nightwing franchise. I’d rather see that than a Catwoman franchise.

  7. Nathan

    It’s just been turned upside down you moron! This would make a really bad April Fool’s joke, but it’s an even worse June Muppet. 

  8. BigNoseDog

    I think all the folks speculating about JGL are just dying to say I told you so. They want everyone to pat their backs after the movie comes out and say “good call.” But all this speculation could backfire. What happens if John Blake ends up just being John Blake? Will viewers come away feeling shortchanged?

    Here’s one other possible explanation for why JGL is in the movie. Nolan liked working with him on Inception and wanted to work with him again. So he created this brand new character just for him. But because JGL is now a big actor, he couldn’t just offer him a bit part. It had to be something significant and worth taking. This, of course, has lead to people speculating that he’s Robin. But we know that Jim Gordon is hospitalized for awhile. And being the commissioner, he can’t be out on the front lines. That’s where John Blake comes in. He can be Gordon’s right hand and fill in for him while he’s injured. Maybe he’s the one investigating Bane and the cat burglar. Maybe he’s the one who discovers the truth about Batman. All of that makes him a big part of the story. But notice how none of it requires that he be Robin.

    It’s unlikely that this movie is a setup for Robin or Nightwing. Nolan has made it clear this is the end of the series. Having JGL take over would leave the door open for a fourth movie. My suspicion is that JGL will act as an ally to Batman and come as close to being Robin without actually getting there. Nolan loves to leave the audience guessing at the end of his movies. So it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re all left wondering whether John Blake will someday take over as Batman. That would be a great ending. Plant the idea in people’s heads, but don’t give em an answer.

  9. JGL will be taking over as Batman when he is injured that is not Robin.  He will be actually Batman but will not be a sidekick. 

  10. Guest

    Totally not biting on the Robin rumor just yet. This looks almost like someone’s desperate attempt and trying to find “proof” everything in here is speculation. Just sayin show me a picture of Joseph in costume as Robin. Robin would kinda ruin this movie let’s face it he’s not a  strong character and not very well recieved by the comicbook community. Not saying he won’t have a stronger role but here’s another idea in the comics on a couple occasions Robin became batman why because he knew the city would errupt into chaos if Batman where gone. Joseph becoming the new Batman???? What sounds like Bruce Wayne “What if Batman no longer exists?” Gordan, “He has to, he has to.” Hey look I have way more proof than the article, but just as speculitive. 

    • Vengeanceandthenight

      Uhhh… what comic book community are you a part of where Robin isn’t well-received? Jason Todd was the only truly disliked Robin. Only tools that make cliche homophobic jokes about Batman and Robin being gay together dislike Robin. Next time you post a ridiculous opinion, make sure to point out that you’re speaking on your own behalf instead of pretending to be the majority.

  11. Castorgrayson

    The theory that you don’t want a name actor in a bit part doesn’t fly when it comes to Nolan.
    Michael Caine has about 3 minutes in Inception. Remember when everyone thought that the character of Mr Reese from Dark Knight was actually the Riddler because his name rhymes with Mystery? Same rampant speculation here..

  12. Angliss16

    As bad as these dumped are going around im surprised no one has said anything about Miranda Tate being Harley Quinn. Were not even sure Marion cottilard is talia al ghul.

  13. Don’t title your articles “Proof” when it’s tenuous speculation at best.

  14. BenFernandez

    No offense to the writer of the Blog, I get and understand you have observations and an opinion, I understand that for this site you will write down your opinions but you have no legitimate proof of anything. That is my first problem with this article. 

    My other issue is that in multiple interviews Nolan has straight up denied that killed all rumors by saying there is no Robin. I have stated my view on what this film will end up being like and will re state it as I see no other possibilities. 

    The teaser Trailer: Its looks and sounds like Gordon is talking to Bruce Wayne and that he KNOWS that he is Batman. 

    Now lets say, for example, that Nolan was being honest, and all JGL is, is really a beat cop that does as Gordon asks. IF Gordon knows about Batman’s identity and JGL is taking orders from him. Then what IF Bruce gets broken by Bane. JGL takes up the mantle and Bane seeing this kills him thinking he killed Batman/Bruce Wayne but doesn’t realize that its JGL. Bruce then Rises up takes the mantle and defeats Bane when fully recuperated. Now this is a GIST of my theory I could elaborate more but it would be way longer then this article probably cause I love comics read them a lot and I think I have a good idea as to what this plot is. Thanks!

  15. MODyssey

    First of all, it’s JGL that’s writing the symbol in chalk.  Here’s the proof:

    It’s probably a play on the No Man’s Land story with territory being marked by who is controlling it.  In the story gangs tag their territory, the GCPD acts like a gang as well and tags theirs, and so does Batman eventually.  Now that’s just speculation, but the video above clearly shows it’s JGL writing the symbol in chalk.  As the lead investigator tracking Batman, it wouldn’t surprise me if he tracked down the hideout that was temporarily serving as the Batcave in TDK and perhaps dons the suit to give off the illusion that Batman is still around. 

  16. Superjohn666

    I don’t think there will be robin or night wing I think there just gonna set up for a new batman since the old one will be unable or unwilling to continue his role

  17. CgrBkr

    Robin will not be in it.  Batman will be broken and he will face Bane a second time and win.  Bane will not take the loss well. There will be a nod to Robin in a conversation between Bruce and Alfred about going to the circus and seeing the flying Grayson’s.  That is as close to Robin the movie will get.  I believe JGL is in it because when they reboot he will be the new Batman.  I hope WB gets the next ones in synch with Superman to set up a JL movie, like Avengers

  18. No

    … Are you kidding me?

    Yeah, never clicking a link for this site again, or viewing articles on it. This is the kind of crap that clutters up genuine news.

    Writer did little to no research, no fact checking, and throws out one less than trust worthy source’s hunch as “proof”.

    Honestly, this should be an embarrassment to all involved.

  19. The other films have alluded to the day when Gotham no longer needs Batman.    I think that’s where the film will end. We’ve seen the massive street brawls in the preview between Bane’s army and the NOPD. Batman is but one face in a giant crowd.  Bane will be defeated by Batman alone- but Bane’s ARMY will be defeated by the GCPD, leaving Batman to realize that the police are capable of managing crime in Gotham. In other words, the age of the “Superhero” will be over for Gotham city. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle will give up their costumed adventures and who knows? Maybe the story will flash forward a few years in the future and Selina will have Bruce’s babies lol

  20. Damien_arc

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but I think nightwing/robin will not be attending this movie. What you guys have been implying is that: the series needs to continue. They are LITERALLY ending the series…the arc/climax of the story isn’t about batman handing over his mantle as protector…the arc/climax of the story is: it’s either gonna be batman or bane who dies… They won’t be going by the comic book, what will happen is: batman will have people to help him in his fight. But no other DC Comics heroes will be in this movie… I am a huge fan of nightwing,batman,and robin…and I am hoping I’m wrong about this story…sorry if I ruined your brilliant ideas, and hopefully…I will be wrong………

  21. Guest

    I think the JGL as Batman scenario is more likely, but if that’s the case – and he’s a good guy through the length of the movie – maybe he knows Bat’s identity through Gordon (I think in the comics Gordon eventually figured it out but kept it to himself), and becomes a stand-in Batman, or is even there to take the fall for being Batman in the eyes of the public, so Bruce can continue. A la the  whole “becoming a symbol” theme.

  22. OK… So, TDKR takes place IMMEDIATELY AFTER TDK, but within the movie, there is a 8 yr gap. In the beginning of the movie, there’s Dent’s memorial, Bane’s hijacking, etc. Then Bats and Bane meet, Bane breaks the Bat, but doesn’t kill him because he wants him to witness Bane burning Gotham. Then the riots begin, THEN 8 YEARS pass, some people lose hope, except for some including John Blake (JGL). Batman finally gets his balls back in the shape of his new Bat Wing (The Bat), takes Gotham back and takes Bane out (maybe).

    But we’ve all thought maybe John Blake would be Robin/Nightwing. Did anyone else (other than myself) consider maybe, MAYBE… John Blake = Batman Beyond/Terry McGinnis? Look at the chalk symbol again, and it hasn’t even been asked about by interviewers, right? I mean its 8 yrs in the future, the new Batmobile now flies (as in Batman Beyond), and we really don’t want the skills of JGL to be wasted on just a mild mannered cop, do we? And have you seen JGL lately? He’s put on alot of weight/muscle, he could pull it off. 

    • Adam

       Plausible, but it seems more likely that Bane shows up when Bruce is at his all time low. It’s been 8 years, he hasn’t worked out in a long time, he’s lost that fire that kept him burning (i.e., wearing a mask, fighting the badies, etc.), plus the city is at peace (check out the first scene of the second or third trailer) and they don’t need Batman. Then Bane shows up and all hell breaks loose. Bruce comes out of retirement (“You got to get me back in the game”). He teams up with Catwoman to infiltrate Bane’s layer – which he does, only to get his ass kicked.

      Then I think he somehow escapes and retrains in Asia only to return stronger than ever. But, like Frodo, he’s a broken man and the only way he can save the city is to give them everything he has (‘you’ve given these people everything.” No, I haven’t. No yet). So, to show the city that Batman is more than a man, he kills Bane, but dies in the process – and John Blake takes over AS BATMAN. Reminds me of the Joker’s parting words – “you didn’t think I’d risk losing the city in a fist fight with you? you always have to have an ace up your sleeve…”

      Damn, I just spoiled it all for myself… I also need to get a life… after July 20th that is.

  23. Adam

    The chalk image is written by a city at seige. Some of the scenes even look like Gothamites are kept in concentration camps – perhaps so they can wait while Bane metes our his punishment of various classes in the city. They draw the bat symbol as a sign of resistance and hope.

    Come on people.

  24. christopher nolan said there would be no Robin. Nothing about Nightwing or maybe a batman beyond played by JGL. But i will say, when JGL first got his roll he posted on his twitter account stating “Guess who is the new Robin?” within seconds later the post was deleted. And in an interview, JGL was asked, “so rumors are going around, are you the New Robin?” he chuckled and said, “you know i can’t say anything about that?!” when a simple “No” would have been the best way to kill the idea of robin.He will be some form of robin/nightwing/batman beyond or maybe even Azereal.

  25. Everyone needs to calm down about all of this, seriously. This article was solely made too boost the hype of the movie and speculate possible key plot points, you don’t need to take it so literal. Its the people getting in such a fuss about this which hurts the experience for every. You can have your opinion, just like I am having mine, but settle the fuck down, if you are going to complain so much why don’t you write your own batman movie and see how well it does.

  26. BatSupermanFan

    Dick Grayson in the comics becomes a cop at one point. So, what if between the 8 year gap, Bruce already took in Dick Grayson and now he is undercover at GCPD as John Blake, to keep an eye on them for Bruce. Just a theory. Although, I do believe JGL is basically going to be a good cop who acts as a younger Commissioner Gordon and helps Batman. Possibly he will be the one who dies helping Batman, and not the other way around.

  27. Rockstellar16

    2 words “Batman Beyond”

  28. guest

    John Blake = John Robin Blake, he is infact  Nolans version of Robin.

  29. Youngrod152

    If u pay attention or even read the comics they are using a sub plot from no man’s land comic arc with the chalk because Batman and his allies taged parts of gotham they took back over

  30. guestrobinrobinrobinhahahahah

    yep hes robin..john robin blake..the seceratary says..robins a good name after he says some stuff is udner his full name..john ROBIN blake..awesome awesome awesome

  31. TDKR2012

    First: It’s NIGHTWING. One word. Not Night Wing. Nightwing. Second: Clearly you are not aware that Warner Brothers has already announced a planned Batman reboot in 2015, which will start from scratch with a more JLA-compatible Batman. Third: Refer back to the first comment.

  32. Trongaga34

    I just watched the movie. SPOILER ALERT! He is Robin, but he doesnt truly become Robin until the end of the movie, when its revealed his real first name is actually Robin and he inherits the Batcave

  33. Jjp0810

    Yeah. Just got home from seeing it. He’s Robin. Only gets anounced at the end of the movie.

  34. Deathstroke/Jericho

    John Robin Blake.

    See, what I am hoping is, if they DO do a reboot, it has to include Robin/Nightwing. They’ve made 3 Batman Movies these pat few Years and there has YET to be a Robin/Nightwing until the last  minutes of “The Dark Knight Rises”. As much as I think it’s bullshit that they haven’t included Robin, they really are fucking us over if they don’t make a separate Robin/Nightwing Movie. 

    We’ll see though. When Justice League comes out, it will show the guy who will be playing Batman before the new Batman actually comes out. Who knows though; maybe Nightwing will be in the Movie as well. All I know is, I knew It was the Cop the second the Movie came on.

    1. You don’t cast a big name like that for the role of a regular Cop.
    2. He was an Orphan. Parents killed.
    3. When the little boy was making Chalk Drawing of Batman Symbols, he also drew Nightwings Symbol.
    4. He just LOOKS like he could play Robin/Nightwing.
    5. Then there’s the End of the Movie. Need I say more?

    • Jason

      I see it playing out of three movies  becoming Robin this his transition to Nightwing then when he becomes batman like in the comics but they may forgo the whole robin part becuase the robin personna isn’t dark enough and go with night wing.

  35. John Appleseed

    It’s night wing. If you watch the inernational trailer at the end when theyre in the car talking look a the head rest in the passengers seat.

  36. Happyfeet

    Just seen the movie and my prediction is hell yes there going to continue the movie and only with nightwing now because at the end the cop gets called robin but hes to old for robin so my assumption is hes gonna play nightwing

  37. Blonde_boy87

    This is funny coz ur all arguing who’s right calling eachother “retards” and once u see the film (like i have) ull see that by doing this you’ve made yourselves look like complete twats, very amusing…..well done retards!

  38. Kkoegler

    The author of this article pretty much nailed it.



    • Djjaydouble

      He is Azrael actually

      • Rosssmith_75

        Not Azrael I was thinking this after I watched it he in no way fits the Azrael storyline but that’s my opinion…. He seems more like a mixture of the 2 Robins so they could call him John Blake instead of Dick Gracey to keep it a secret

        • Blonde_boy87

          I was thinking robin but more so night wing, and having his name as robin and his alterego go by the same name would be a bit stupid, but I was thinking he could be “red robin”.

          After reading about azrael, they could alter the story, make it a bit more realistic, their take in it, because JGL’s character was in a boys home which I’m pretty sure was run by a vicar or priest or whatever it was.
          I’m also thinking batman of the future( batman beyond) like it was said in a previous statement, they have the technology for a super suit like they showed with Bruce’s knee support.

          • Blonde_boy87

            This brings me back to azrael, because in one version, bane breaks batmans back and azrael take over the cowl, and he wears a mechanically engineered suit.

  40. Jfonseca1110

    Iam sorry if I come out negative but really? Night wing is with the times but seriously the logo is more about batman beyond. And the technically is simple, the technology proves it. Batman is broken retired and old and a new futuristic batman is made, bane is an enigma to me because unless that chick was playing poison ivy then wtf.

  41. R8r4lyf

    My opinion is that Christopher Nolan leaves the end to our own interpretation of what’s to be. He introduces John Blake(Azereals alter ego) who had been Batman at one point in comic lore. Sure he gives John Blake the name Robin, which none of the Robins had in their name. A Robin becomes Nightwing, who also takes over the Batman role in some version of the Batman comics. It’s mashed up in Christoper Nolan’s attempt to get us to wonder what might be. Just look at all the posts here. He mind fucked us all.

  42. Absolutbreakdown

    Ok. Your all kinda right but kinda wrong. These are all great speculations but concider the following:

    Bale and Nolan stated in several interviews (I know, “they dont wanna give away the plot”), that introducing Robin in the story after The Dark Knight would take away from the dinamics of Batman and the villans in the follow up film. Plus, Bale stated in several interviews that ‘IF’ Robin were to be cast, he would walk away from the project all together. After all, its The Dark Knight series not Batman and Robin.  It has been announced that the next Batman anything will be the 2014 or 2015 Justice League film, as far as director and who will play Batman is unknown at this time. Nolan will be producing The Man of Steal (2013) so will not likely be directing Justice League.

     Joseph Gordon Levitt, in the film, is a cop helping Batman. Batman has been hiding for 8 years, so he has become mostly forgotten and look down on as a killer by the rest. A select few really know what Batman truly stands for at the start of The Dark Knight Rises. Not to mention Havey Dent got all the credit for the things Batman did (and visa-versa) at the end of The Dark Knight, so he (Dent) was Gotham City’s “hero”. The kid drawing with chalk is no more than 10 or 11, remember its been 8 years since The Joker, so it would make perfect sence why Levitt would ask the kid if he knew about Batman. Yes, he does walk into the batcave at the end of the movie *spoiler* but that could mean a number of different things. After all, how many different Robins are there (3: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake) and how many different Batmans are there (2: Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis)?

      We all know, or at least should know, the first Robin is Dick Grayson. He becomes Nightwing after, basically due to creative differences between him and Bruce Wayne as Batman. Once he becomes Nightwing and hangs up his Robin cape for good, Batman takes Jason Todd under his wing as the new robin. Eventually, Jason Todd is murdered by The Joker and we find ourselves robin-less again. Jason would later find himself alive after a reality changing incident involving Ras Al Goul, eventually becoming The Red Hood, The Joker’s origional persona. Down the road we are introduced to Tim Drake who is the third incarnation of Robin, who goes by the name, Red Robin. None of which are cops played by Levitt. Sorry, but its the truth. Trust me, I would love to see Nightwing on the big screen as much as the next fan, but in every tangent or spin off of Robin, he is not and never was a cop working under gordon to help batman. None of the 3 robins ever were cops and to imply the possibilty of that being true would ruin the backstory of all three Robins to date. It would be like TMNT not being turtles, but alieans instead. Rediculas.

    Batman “dies”. Bane puts him in permanent retirement while working under Talia Al Goul. Which makes room for the next successer to the Batman throne.Thus, with minor differences from the new-ish animated series, Batman Beyond could be born. It wouldnt piss off as many fans if they change Batman Beyond origions compaired to Robin’s. The studio already announced that they will be doing a live action Batman Beyond. So, it is more likely that Levitt’s role in this film could land him a spot as Batman in the Justice League film or as Batman Beyond. “But it cant be Batman Beyond, the time line doesnt add up.” I KNOW!! I thought that at first too, but The Dark Knight takes place in modern day and The Dark Knight Rises is set 8 YEARS FOLLOWING!!!! Making Levitt’s role more likely to be the next Batman rather than Robin or Nightwing. Search your feelings, you know this to be true. Granted, Levitt looks more like a robin than a batman, its just not very likely.

    No to mention, if they were to leave room for a Robin Begins movie, they would have had to introduce Robin alot sooner than Batman being beat into retirement and mind-fucked by Bane.

     I know my grammer is poor at best, reason why I didnt get that scolarship lol, but i do know a thing or two about Batman. All this that I typed, is all things mentioned at Comic Con 2012, as far as Justice League and Batman Beyond go (not the speculation of Levitt’s role in the latest Batman film or the potential of him being the next Batman or Robin). HOWEVER, we could be looking too deeply at this entire situation and it is entirely possible that Levitt’s role in the film is just a cop who works under gordon, who helps batman, who happens to find the batcave at the end of the film. Only time will tell if any of these speculations are correct reguarding Levitt, Robin, or the possibility of him becoming Batman Beyond.

    • Blonde_boy87

      It’s probably goin to be like most of other Nolans films, basically we’ve shown you the story, now work the rest out yourselves.

      Nolan has taken little bits from a few comics to make his story work, but he’s taken the realistic aproach.
      Yes there were 3 other robin with different backgrounds so maybe he’s just created his own version.

      As for the timeline being wrong, I don’t think it would be a futureistic version like in the cartoon but more of a near future, the next chapter.

  43. Yenom

    All ready wrote the new film batman beyond rise of robin.
    The original batman been broke so much tech gothem needs a hero and is a old mentor .. New batman and knight wing 2035 killer croc the villian like lizard man to spidie

  44. DewMastuhFresh

    I don’t think they would of ended the movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character’s full name being revealed as “John Robin Blake” if they weren’t going to use JGL and his character (or at least consider it) in some form as Robin/Nightwing/or new batman, sometime in the Batman movie franchise’s future.

  45. Mike Attard

    Let’s not forget that a recent storyline in the comics (there are 3 or 4 different Batman titles, so I don’t know for sure which one, but I think it was the Detective Comics line) in which Bruce Wayne was presumed dead and Dick Grayson left off being Nightwing and became Batman, because Batman was too important a figure to not still be there for people. His Robin was Batman’s son by Talia, Damien. So perhaps Joseph Gordon-Levitt will simply become the new Batman? Obviously, I wish Christian Bale would stay in the role, even if only to be part of an ensemble in a Justice League movie (if that can EVER happen), but I know he isn’t willing to do that. I understand, because both he and Nolan didn’t want to overstay their welcome and make “one too many” and leave a stink behind. So anyway, if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to become Nightwing, cool, I’ll go see it. If he’s going to become the new Batman because he was inspired by the now-retired Batman, then that’s cool, I’ll give him a shot to see what he can do. And, even if this was just Nolan’s way of wrapping up his story and saying, “Batman inspired people, because someone will carry on his mantle and continue to help the city, and Bruce Wayne finally found peace, happiness, and love with Selina Kyle, so there’s actually a happy ending,” then I’m good with that, too.
    Though it would have been nice to have seen Batman personally train an apprentice, there just wasn’t enough time to fit all of that into the movie. It would have been nice to have seen more development to him and Talia Al-Ghul, and the resulting son they had, but again there just wasn’t enough time. A fourth installment might have wrapped up these issues quite neatly, but that just wasn’t going to happen. So I guess we’ll have to be happy with what we were able to get. It sure beats the last appearance of Bane in that ridiculous flop Schumacher directed in 1997.
    Oh yeah, and I found in interesting there was such a small cameo for Ras Al-Ghul and no mention of his Lazarus pit, which I thought for sure was going to be the cure for Batman’s broken back. 
    And please, no Killer Croc. I like the realism Nolan brought to the franchise. Even if Batman mingles with other (unrealistic) superheroes like Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman, I think Killer Croc is best left to the comics or cartoons. If you’re going to use an unrealistic (I mean that as in not the current reality) villain, go for someone like Braniac, Darkseid, or even Doomsday, but not a marginal one like Croc.

    • Blonde_boy87

      From the crash I’m assuming talia died, so no son, Nolan did a “realistic” batman, so no lazirus pit, no killer crock coz that’s not believable plus it be like its takin from the spiderman film, but there was bit of a joke made when Gordon was in hospital when he’s sayin bout bane underground, they joke bout alligators in the sewer

  46. RomeosTrueDude

    First off. DONT THINK OF OLD BOY WONDER ROVIN!!! this is Chris Nolan’s Batman! He remade everyone different and familiar. Chris Nolan’s Robin doesn’t need Batman, but he isn’t Nightwing! He is Robin! He is still immature and learning…but he holds the views and ideals of Batman and Com. Gordon they once had before being corrupted. But he doesn’t need Batman to be THIS Robin. And he is ADRESSED AT THE END AS “Robin”…And he won’t use Batmans costume as that would be disrespectful. But maybe he’ll look like Nightwing when he becomes an adult.

  47. RomeosTrueDude

    First off. DONT THINK OF OLD BOY WONDER ROVIN!!! this is Chris Nolan’s Batman! He remade everyone different and familiar. Chris Nolan’s Robin doesn’t need Batman, but he isn’t Nightwing! He is Robin! He is still immature and learning…but he holds the views and ideals of Batman and Com. Gordon they once had before being corrupted. But he doesn’t need Batman to be THIS Robin. And he is ADRESSED AT THE END AS “Robin”…And he won’t use Batmans costume as that would be disrespectful. But maybe he’ll look like Nightwing when he becomes an adult.

  48. Mocking Jay

    In all honesty I don’t care about if it was Robin, if he was just a cop, or if he’s the new Batman. In my mind I just want to see a Nightwing movie like some of the other fans. I love Batman and all, but I just like Nightwing more, I would like to see JGL as a Nightwing because I think he’d look good as him, but I’m not saying he should or that he will be or anything.
    I think there’s just way to much hype about it and everyone should calm down and just look at facts before they post something and just because someone interprets something differently than you doesn’t make them stupid, but calling them that just shows how closed minded people are. So seriously reading all these old comments is ridiculous we don’t know if this movie could be opening up to something else or if that’s all there is for now. So Chill.

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