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May 22nd, 2018

New Prometheus Engineer Photo Raises Questions

It should go without saying this Prometheus post has spoilers. We have been debating heavily the movie Prometheus over the last week or so since its release and frankly we still have more questions then answers. Now a brand new photo has hit the web from Prometheus which in itself raises even more questions.

In the opening scenes of Prometheus an Alien Engineer is seen committing suicide on earth which was part of my 10 Unanswered Questions from Prometheus spoiler post. Now Collider has posted a different shot of the same scene which shows not one, but two engineer’s and one looks completely different.

Its clear the Engineer was the source of life on earth but why was he left behind? Why did we see a giant ship leaving orbit as he killed himself? And more importantly now we must ask who is this clearly much older engineer wearing ornamental garbs standing next to him?

This new photo will encourage those of us with questions to purchase Prometheus when it hits dvd. The DVD will feature an additional 30 minutes of footage which will hopefully answer some of the many questions we were left with when the movie ended.

Prometheus DVD release date is September 24th 2012 and is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Will you buy it? Does the new 30 minutes interest you? Do you have any theories on this new alien? ( Photo via Collider )

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     “We have been debating heavily the movie Prometheus”
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