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May 26th, 2018

First Official Trailer For Django Unchained

Nothing here I didn’t already come to expect from Tarantino. The first official trailer for DJANGO UNCHAINED has been released and I have to say it looks pretty great. The cast is awesome and look to be putting in some very good work. The trailer starts off just basically like a straight up western basically as Christoph Waltz is talking with a group of slaves and then a stand off that leads to someone getting shot- then the music kicks in and it is easily recognizable as a Tarantino film with the dialogue and the short bursts of violence littered throughout. Check out the trailer below and feel free to leave your thoughts.

“Set in the Deep South during the 1850s, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) is a German bounty hunter/former dentist who buys Django (Jamie Foxx) as a slave so that he can help Schultz identify bounties for him. After successfully helping the good doctor with his bounty hunting, Django is given his freedom papers and is recruited by Schultz to continue being his partner in the bounty hunting business. Django hones his bounty hunting skills until Schultz thinks he is ready to go to Mississippi; in order to free his wife (Broomhilda). When they find her where abouts through slave auction records, they discover she is in the hands of monsieur Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio); a francophile who takes great pleasure in watching Mandingos fight to the death. Django and Schultz cleverly con Candie into selling Django back his Broomhilda. But something goes rotten in the state of Denmark and Django finds himself fighting for his life, his wife, and sweet bloody vengeance.”


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