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June 24th, 2018

Men In Black 3 Movie Review

There’s not enough make-up in the world that will not make Tommy Lee-Jones look dated, However I cant say the same about the film. The third instalment of the Men in Black franchise brings back the golden oldies Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to defend the world against another threat to the Earth. Admittedly before going to see this I thought this film would have been a really bad idea, Will Smith has now moved onto more “serious” films since his comedy styled performances like I am legend and Pursuit of happiness so to see him in a sequel movie he done over ten years ago would seem a bit tiring. But I am completely wrong, what a refreshing third instalment to the franchise, The film really looks deep into the history of these characters that we knew years agowith more details than the other two films.

The first film built a relationship between Tommy Lee-Jones and Will Smith and shows the characters differences and you get to watch them bond. The second film was utter garbage and a let down to be honest, I would say a lot of the problems in the second film is because of the direction the movie took and the way the director decided to progress the film. Barry Sonnerfield is a great director but every film he seems to make, the better looking and more interesting characters has to have a love interest even if its not really necessary to have that in the film. So that was one of my main fears coming into Men in Black 3, what original ideas are in store, and I was wrong their was a whole new story that delves deep into the mystery of Tommy Lee – Jones and Will Smiths characters.

It really is hard for me to try and find things I disliked in this movie because it really is well made and you can tell they weren’t trying to make one more movie so they can sell the films in a trilogy box set in the future. I did however wanted more Tommy Lee Jones screen time, he was in the first half of the movie probably a bit less than that and that was it from him really. I think this is because the film needed a bit more time to breathe. Everything seemed very fast paced and their wasn’t any time for cameos or funny little moments that you remember. Which is in a sense a good thing because too much of that turns a movie into pandering rubbish. However Men in Black isn’t Inception or Avatar the film is meant to have those little funny slow moments you remember from the main characters interacting with the aliens in funny scenarios. Which the film really did lack unlike the last two films which had more investigating to solve the issue at hand.

Overall I feel with the negative comments I have made is very much just picking at the film, Just very little things that I would like to see more off in the movie but apart from that it really is a well made movie. The film does not necessarily progress or lead up to a sequel but it makes you the audience want more and demand to see Will Smith again and if its possible Josh Brolin because their good characters with a complex story that makes you think. Little spoiler, I was a bit annoyed that Johnny Knoxville didn’t have any part to play in this film or the guy whose head keeps growing back once you shoot it. They were great characters in the last two movies and probably could of done with having them in their for comedy relief.

Final Score 9/10


  1. Cjmay89

    Good review, I just saw it, great film and exceeded expectations given my experiences with other sequels!

  2. I enjoyed the movie and loved the first two but this one just didnt feel right. You could tell they have no real direction! for more! 

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