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January 20th, 2019

Lionsgate Planning a Twilight Remake

The horror film site Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Lionsgate is planning a remake of Twilight after having purchased Summit Entertainment the studio that produced them. Frankly this should not come as any surprise to anyone considering the fact that Twilight is a license to print cash for anyone who owns the rights.

Bloody Disgusting does not source anyone in their article and DeadLine was quick to reach out to Lionsgate who debunked it as untrue but let’s be honest. A remake of Twilight is a pretty safe bet. There is no question that Lionsgate is looking at every possible way to milk a few more hundred million out of the franchise and whether that is a remake or some sort of spin-off it is definitely in the cards.

Just look at The Amazing Spider Man which is getting ready to hit theaters this summer. Sam Raimi was unable to deliver a script so SONY decided screw it lets just remake it. Admittedly that was an awful short period of time to remake something but if fans will pay to see it studios will trample all over the original films in an effort to turn a buck.

Although  Rob Friedman from Lionsgate denies a remake and says this upcoming Twilight movie will be the last one he also follows it up with saying they will support Stephanie Meyer if she does bring them more material for future projects. Translation? We will tell you its the last one to fill the seats at the box office but fear not Twihards I fully expect more Twilight is coming.

The Twilight Franchise was made for $250million and the films so far have made the studio $2.5 BILLION dollars… that is with a B my friends. So saying that Lionsgate is planning a remake is like saying that it might snow in the winter.

One avenue that has been mentioned already for Lionsgate to capitalize on the success of Twilight is to take it off the big screen and into our living rooms as a TV series. Considering that the final film in the franchise is expected to bring in more than $500million it is a safe bet production companies and cable stations would clammer at a shot at the Twilight TV show.


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