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June 19th, 2018

Dark & Mature Justice League Script In The Works

Sure THE AVENGERS did fairly well at the box office- no big deal right? Surely there’d be no urgency for Warner Brothers to get a JUSTICE LEAGUE going right? It’s at this point I REALLY hope you’re picking up on my sarcasm, if not then you’ve probably skipped this whole sentence and have already written out some sort of threat and sent it my way. Of course a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is an extremely attractive option over at Warner Brother’s due to the massive success of THE AVENGERS, what most people who don’t live, breath, sweat and bleed comic book news or news about movies being made from comic books is that the film has been brewing longer than you might think. To start of with, Will Beall has been working on the script for over a year- which is when he signed on to the project. This may not come as news to some, or the fact that there was ever interest in a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, since I’m sure most knew about one that was very close to filming and the rug was pulled right from underneath the whole project.

What we know now is that Mark Millar has been quoted as saying that what he knows about the script is that it is “dark and mature.” Beall is the writer of the upcoming film, GANGSTER SQUAD and came from the TV show Castle as a writer. He also has other projects lined up such as a reboot of LOGAN’S RUN and a LETHAL WEAPON sequel. I’ve never seen Castle and none of his film credits have been released so far, so it’s hard for me to comment too much on rather or not Beall is the right man for the job, but according to Millar’s comments (that you can read here) there isn’t too much to worry about just yet.

I personally loved THE AVENGERS (REVIEW) despite not being a comic book reader, but I really love one of the JUSTICE LEAGUE’s primary members, Batman. I have loved Nolan’s Batman movies after previously loving Tim Burton’s vision of the character and I am all for just about anything that brings The Dark Knight to the big screen- though I’m trying to force BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN out of my memory. I believe though that a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie might want to steer clear of THE AVENGER’s formula- mostly because I think some of the members of the DC hero squad already seem kind of goofy to me and could benefit from something a little more edgy than playful and comedic. We have yet to see how Zack Snyder’s Superman movie MAN OF STEEL will fair with audiences- if it fails it could very well make Warner Brother’s start to sweat and question if a team up could work. One this is for sure, I’ll be there- but my guess is Warner Brother’s isn’t holding their breathe waiting to see if they got my thumbs up.

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  1. DKBats

     This is a good article, well written, unlike some I have seen that are mostly negative rants by people who don’t know what they are talking about. Yeah, I think the project shows A LOT of promise.

  2. Cyber-X

    hohoho men this is going to be realy and very exciting first movie is superman then batman then spiderman  ironman then the transormers then G.I.joe the movie then X-men then green landern the Avengers and later on is going to be the Thundercats movie then Justice League and first of is Star wars and then Superman so  all of this is a jewelry wow men i think i see in all of this fantastic movies i see a fog first i see producing fire and then fog hohoho men thi is going to be verry and i mean very exciting with all of this fantastic an amasing superheroes movies staring with thundercats Justice league and what is come next Bravestarr the movie coz they made the transformers and the transformers blew up the budget and later on is spiderman so what comes next they make the transformers later g.i.joe the movie in the real screen now is bravestarr with this cowboy ranger futuristic or what dudes this is getting super very exciting and very interesting so far so you guys have a lot a potencial on your side o yes you do impresible awesome staring with the Avengers the transformers and so many of them jeees so impresive hohoho men i already m in shocked with all of this amasing movies come,s to life wow men they made a fog with all this tremendous fantastic amasing movies wow mama very and super impresive

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