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April 26th, 2018

Charlie Sheen For President In Machete Kills

Good news for anyone who has ever wanted a “winning” and tiger blood drinking maniac to be president- in the fictional sense of course. Robert Rodriguez is currently in production on MACHETE KILLS, the sequel to his grindhouse hit MACHETE and so far he’s doing his best to give work to some seriously PR challenged celebrities. First it was reported that Mel Gibson would be cast to star as a villain, which is more than appropriate given his troubles as of late and now in a bizzaro world move Charlie Sheen is now on board to play the President In the movie.

Charlie Sheen created a massive amount of obnoxious catch phrases back when he starter a feud with the creator or Two and a Half Men before subsequently getting fired from the show. What followed was a slew of drug fueled rants that made the word “winning” one of the most hated words out of anyone’s mouth, as well as merchandising of the word and the term tiger’s blood equally as sickening.

I must admit though the idea of him playing the President in MACHETE KILLS sounds pretty hilarious as is Gibson as the villain. I really enjoyed MACHETE for the most part, but I wasn’t exactly clamoring for a sequel, but as long as it ups the amount of insane over-the-top violence I predict I’ll be fully on board.

Via: Deadline


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