10 Worst Comic Book Movies Adaptations

  • 10 Worst Comic Book Movie adaptations

    I love comic book movies but not every comic book movie can be as good as The Watchmen for example.  I will admit I was not the most well read comic book nerd but I did have my favorites including The X-men, Batman, Superman and a few lesser known titles.

    Comic Book Movie adaptations are by no means  a new thing as studios have been cranking them out since the early 50’s but over the last 20 years as technology has improved we have seen more and more comic book movies. Some like Zach Snyders 300, and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City are absolute genius while others… well are crap.

    This list as you guessed it is not devoted to the good comic book movie adaptations this is for the stinkers.  So without further ado lets dive head long into the 10 Worst comic Book Movies of All Time

  • Batman & Robin (1997)

    The best you can say about Batman and Robin is that it likely taught George Clooney a valuable lesson on what a bad movie looks like. George Clooney as Batman really wasnt that bad until you threw Bat Girl and Robin into the mix with ridiculous painted on nipples and cod pieces.

    The original Batman movie starring Michael Keaton was a truly fantastic film and the onslaught of horrible sequels was capped with this piece of drivel.

    If there is one movie that left a stain on the Batman legacy it’s this film. Christopher Nolan fortunately has washed away the foul taste this film left. Here is hoping the planned remake of The Dark Knight doesn’t take us back down this road.

  • Catwoman

    Even my ridiculous man lust for Halle Berry does not make this movie watchable!  Catwoman is a debacle and one that did not have to be. You can question why we needed a Catwoman movie but  Halle Berry was more then capable of fulfilling this role.

    Not only is she smoking hot and easily fills out the costume but she is also an incredibly talented actress which she has proven time and time again with films like Monster’s Ball.

    Why the filmmakers were not able to put together a coherent story and character plot line is beyond me. Even watching Halle Berry prance around half naked in leather meowing did not save this stinker.

  • The Spirit

    Just because you are one of the great comic book writers and artists of all time that does not mean you can direct a movie.

    Case and point The Spirit is as visually impressive as Sin City, but a complete joke otherwise.

    I mean no dis-respect to Frank Miller he is a great man and has done more with his life then I ever will but it was truly unfortunate to see his name attached to this absolutely horrendous film.

    The Spirit had a very talented cast which included Eva Mendez , Gabriel Macht and Samuel L Jackson but that did not save it from being easily one of the worst movies of all time.


  • Dare Devil

    The only good thing about this comic book movie was the Kevin Smith cameo as a coroner.

    My biggest question was who thought it would be a good idea for Ben Affleck to play a superhero? Much less try and play a blind superhero? I have never been a fan of Ben Affleck’s work and DareDevil was  a new low.

    The only highlight was watching his co-star Jennifer Garner parade around as Elektra in tight low cut leather outfits.

    The DareDevil movie was bad news from start to finish but the surprisign silver lining is that the directors cut is actually pretty good. If this movie horrified you but you love the character try watching the Dare Devil Directors Cut.

  • Fantastic Four

    Like alot of the films on this list Fantastic Four lacked any substance, the dialogue was terrible, the characters were not well cast and best of all the CGI was horrendous.

    I have to ask myself how on earth the filmmakers managed to make an action movie that just about bored me to tears. Isn’t that a contradiction of terms?

    Considering the films budget and ability to draw a strong cast there was no reason this movie had to be as bad as it was. Silver Surfer the sequel was marginally better but not much.

  • Blade Trinity

    I loved Blade and Blade 2 and hold them both in high regard. When it was announced that Blade Trinity was coming and that Ryan Reynolds would co-star I was very excited. It is truly a shame however that Blade Trinity is  a WTF movie from opening to end.

    The premise was excellent but the casting was terrible culminating with Jessica Biel. Where in the past films the Vampires were bad asses in Blade Trinity Jessica Biel as a human Vampire hunter is somehow able to dismantle them with ease all while listening to her Apple IPOD on full blast. So stupid it made my brain hurt!

    This is a great example of how budget and ‘celebrities’ does nothing to improve  a film. The movie is a stain on an otherwise great franchise and one that I regret they made since I am pretty sure it is the end of the Blade movie franchise.


  • Ghost Rider & Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

    Nicolas Cage as a superhero is about as fun as Ben Affleck as DareDevil. At one time Nicolas Cage was one of the biggest names in Hollywood and reportedly almost got a shot at playing Superman. So needlesss to say its shocking to see him in this film which is crap from start to finish.

    The only good thing I can say about this movie is that as bad as the first Ghost Rider is though the second film is mind numbingly worse.

    Please for the love of god stop making Ghost Rider movies and if you must make another one give it to Christopher Nolan or Zach Snyder to direct.


  • Jonah Hex

    Josh Brolin is one of my favorite actors and his work in No Country For Old Men is second to none. Somehow however he went from delivering command performances to starring in mediocre comic book movie adaptations.

    JONAH HEX is a great piece of source material but unfortunately the film is flat at best, crap at worst. The film co-stars Megan Fox which is probably part of the problem since I have never found her to be overly talented but admittedly she is nice eye candy.

    Jonah Hex is all bad in every way the only highlight might be watching Megan Fox play a whore and dress the part.


  • Steel

    Shaq as a supehero. Yep new low here. I have nothing else to say. STEEL = WTF?


  • Barb Wire

    I am not sure who thought that casting Pamela Anderson as a supehero would be a good idea but there is no denying she definitely fit the character and the costume.

    I am not sure how many people saw this movie the first time in theaters but I am very confident nobody saw it a second time on DVD or late night re-runs.

    So there you have it my list of the 10 Worst Comic Book Movie’s and now it is your turn. Sound off in the comments and you tell me what the worst comic book movies of all time are. Do you agree with my list? Did I miss a painfully obvious movie? Give me your 2 cents.