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June 25th, 2018

Villain Info & Other Potential Spoilers For Iron Man 3

I don’t want to waste any time putting my two cents in on what is likely and unlikely on regards to the following news so let me just say this- I love the first IRON MAN and was lukewarm on IRON MAN 2. So the news below, while doing nothing for someone unfamiliar with the comic books, all seems pretty cool and exciting just as someone excited to see the series return and with a writer/director of pretty high regards.

The casting of Ben Kingsley has caused speculation that he was going to appear as the villain known as the Mandarin, which has been denied up and down by the studio. The word now is that Kingsley is indeed appearing as the Mandarin despite Marvel’s denial, but also that he is not the main baddie and is instead the backer of Guy Pierce’s character, Aldrich Killian who masterminds the technology behind the Extremis army. Again, as I’m unfamiliar with the comics, none of that is information I expected or can even speculate the direction of.

That’s not all though, through the use of today’s technology movie sets are never quite as secret as filmmakers would like them to be. It is that fact that now gives us a behind the scenes look at a potential spoiler for the film. If you wish to remain in the dark (why have you read this far) then do not read further or look at the picture below. The photo shows what looks to be a patriotic Iron Man suit, that by reading the news development is the Iron Patriot, a suit worn by Norman Osborn (a character owned by Sony) in the comics that is meant to reflect both Iron Man and Captain America. The picture obviously exposes that this could very well be a direction of the film in some way shape or form, but without Osborn since he belongs to another studio so the exact direction is still unknown.

Film is still underway and a release is still way off on the horizon so the wealth of info so far on the film is already tearing layers away from the films secrets. We have yet to see the exact culmination of the information though so from this fans perspective I take the image and news only as a reason to be excited for the film than as information that spoils the movie. IRON MAN 3 is being directed by Shane Black and features the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man and other cast members including Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What do you make of the possible villains for IRON MAN 3 and the appearance of the Iron Patriot?

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