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June 19th, 2018

Robert Pattinson Rumored For Catching Fire Casting

Just when you thought we were close to being free from the clutches of TWILIGHT’s soul sucking void of charisma that is Robert Pattinson’s sparkling alter ego Edward Cullen. The actor today is being rumored to join the cast of the highly anticipated sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES, CATCHING FIRE. The sequel is well over a year away and currently has a release window of November 2013 and has also just switched directing hands from Gary Ross to Francis Lawrence. Just who is Pattinson slated to play in the sequel? The character would be none other than Finnick, just one of the many potential tributes to participate in the games that take place in the sequel and a character that is obnoxiously confident. In my opinion these are traits that Pattinson does not seem capable of portraying- even removed from the soap opera that is TWILIGHT I just don’t think his look fits what I pictured for the character of Finnick let alone just about anyone other character that appears in the final two books.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson will obviously be returning as will just about every other major actor from the first film- unless Lionsgate and company pull a major IRON MAN 2 bait and switch on us. I’m hoping the casting does not come to fruition, but if it does I will do my best to remain optimistic about the project even if the fact that I AM LEGEND director has signed on to take Ross’ place at the helm. I’m just hoping Lawrence doesn’t replace every actor with horrible CGI stand ins and completely abandon all the good will that the first film has created for the franchise.

Via: Total Film


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