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May 26th, 2018

Lena Headey Judge Dredd First Photo!

LA Times has posted the first photo of the stunning Lena Headey from Judge Dredd. The film co-stars Karl Urban as Dredd and is a movie that has been on my radar for awhile. As much as many film fans despised the Stallone version I have a soft spot for it  and have seen it a dozen times.

Lena Headey stars as Madrigal  the ruler of Peach Tree City Block in Mega City One. As much as Lena is gorgeous and incredibly talented they have definitely done a number on her in this photo.

In a world scorched and sickened by radiation wars, Mega City One is one of the last pockets of civilization but it tests the bottom limits of the word. Madrigal is the fierce gang leader who rules Peach Tree City Block and that puts her squarely in the sights of the film’s title character, Judge Joseph Dredd – played by Karl Urban of “Star Trek” and “The Bourne Supremacy” – the most feared of the city’s Street Judges, the elite armored agents who bring the entire criminal justice system to the sidewalk; they are arresting officer, judge, jury and, yes, executioner.


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