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August 1st, 2015

Creepy Official Trailer for The Apparition

The cast of TWILIGHT seems to be finding quite a bit of work lately with the news of CATCHING FIRE possibly adding Robert Pattinson and now here you can check out the official trailer for a new movie starring Ashley Greene titled THE APPARITION. A lot of the trailer kind of seems pretty generic and recycled, but as I watched it there was something very creepy about the whole thing and I really dug the music used in the trailer. THE APPARITION has a bit of a J-horror vibe that becomes extremely evident over halfway through the trailer- oh and there are plenty of Ashley Green butt shots to satisfy the dudes just in case you’re thinking of ignoring the trailer altogether.

THE APPARITION follows a couple that are haunted by a supernatural force that was unleashed during a university parapsychology experiment that feeds on fear. They then rest their hopes in the hands of an expert in the field of supernatural forces to help them put a stop to the horror, even though it may already be too late. The film is the directorial debut of Todd Lincoln- it is set to hit theaters on August 24, 2012.


  1. nono

    they should just call the grudge ringĀ 

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