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April 21st, 2018

Additional Casting Rumors for Catching Fire


It was rumored first that Robert Pattinson was in line to take his place in CATCHING FIRE, the highly anticipated sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES, as the overly confident Finnick. It seems now though that the TWILIGHT star is out of the running and three new names have been thrown into the ring. The new names now in discussion for Finnick are Armie Hammer (THE SOCIAL NETWORK, J. EDGAR, MIRROR MIRROR), Taylor Kitsch (JOHN CARTER, BATTLESHIP) and Garrett Hedlund (TRON: LEGACY). Keep in mind these are names that were thrown out by an anonymous source and no official casting news has been released by Lionsgate.

If I had it my way, Hammer would appear in the film as Finnick- being the more successful of the three actors at least in terms of acting. I loved Hammer’s performance in THE SOCIAL NETWORK and can easily picture him embodying the character and make him the intimidating competitor that he is in the books. I haven’t seen JOHN CARTER or BATTLESHIP and cannot attest to Kitsch’s acting ability, but the box office is definitely not a fan and I barely remember anything about Hedlund in TRON: LEGACY, which hints to me he just wasn’t able to put forth a commanding performance.

Recently the sequel was officially titled THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, obviously to avoid confusion from anyone that hasn’t seen the first film and comes in lost into the sequel, but also given the enormous success of the first film Lionsgate would want to make the brand easily recognizable. I love that they simply did it this way rather than going the TWILIGHT route by adding SAGA into the title and giving it a “soap opera” vibe. The film is currenly slated for a November 2013 release so we still have a pretty lengthy wait and will likely hear plenty of news including that of casting in the coming months.

Who would you like to see play Finnick in THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE?

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  1. Guest

    I would love to see an unknown as Finnick. Grant Gustin or Hunter Parrish remind me of Finnick as I saw him in the books as I read

  2. Gsoppitt

    Chris Pine!!!He would be a Fabulous Finnick

  3. Lineegrace

    I also would love to see an unknown play Finnick! If not, I would like to see Luke Mitchell or Jake Abel who plays Luke Castellen in the Lightning Thief. I DO NOT want Zac Efron or Joey Graceffa! I would be sooooo mad if it was oe of them. I’m not too fond of Armie Hammer or Taylor Kitsch. Garret Hedlund wouldn’t be that great either. Please let me know what you think!!!!!!

  4. Allyvadrian

    The whole time I was reading catching fire I thought of grant gustin as finnick he should totally be cast

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