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April 21st, 2018

Why You Need To Watch ‘We Bought A Zoo’

There are no fighting robots, aliens, or super-heroes in We Bought A Zoo. There’s not even one explosion. So, why in the hell should you see it?! Because it’s a Cameron Crowe film. And Cameron Crowe may be the last of the Hollywood romantics.

For those of you who don’t know, Cameron Crowe is the guy who gave us Jerry Maguire, Say Anything, and the greatest movie of the last decade in Almost Famous. Everything Crowe does has a certain heart to it that makes each movie a “Cameron Crowe film”. Even when he steps out of his comfort zone with movies like Vanilla Sky, there’s still those moments that only he seems able to create.

We Bought A Zoo is another film by Crowe with more charm than you can throw a kitten at. It’s got that Cameron Crowe humor, style, and type of characters we all love in movies like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. This is not a review for the film, but rather a plea to see something that hasn’t been adapted from a comic book or a children’s TV show. Again, there are no aliens or robots, but there is a cool monkey and a whole lot of good stuff in this movie.

I love movies like The Dark Knight and Transformers more than you know, but why not see something original? It seems like Hollywood is pumping out these super-hero flicks faster than ever but what we’re losing in all of this hype is true original film-making. Now, I know that there are a number of original films out there but there just aren’t as many big ones as there used to be. I recognize that movies like Inception and Black Swan were original ideas brought to film and they were pretty successful, so why aren’t there more of them? It just feels like there were more when I was growing up.

I’ve never sounded more like an old man than I did in that last sentence and I’m only 26. The point is, We Bought A Zoo brought me back to a better time in my movie lovin’ life. It’s got something for everyone, and a monkey. Go watch it, enjoy it and thank me later.


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