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June 20th, 2018

Sloppy The Psychotic Review

Maniac Films is an independent film company based in Pennsylvania.  After the major success his film Deadly Detour, Director Mike O’Mahony  gives us a throwback to classic gory psycho killer horror films with Sloppy The Psychotic.

Synopsis: Meet Mike, A man whose only goal in life was to bring joy to children… As “Sloppy the Clown”. After a cruel twist of fate finds him without his beloved job he goes into business for himself. After a bout of bad luck Mike spirals completely out of control. Witness a good man go bad, then totally mad in… Sloppy the Psychotic.

One thing I loved about Sloppy is how well it blends comedy and horror. It has the ability to really creep you out but in the next scene make you laugh out loud at some ridiculous death scene. Director Mike O’Mahony (who also play’s the main Character of Mike “Sloppy”) really brings to life true comedic horror. If you are a fan of horror movies then Sloppy is your match made in heaven.

Sloppy contains some of the most brutal and down right funniest death scenes I ever saw. Candy canes in spots you really do not want them, drowning in urine, Sloppy repeatedly running over people with his car. Some of these scenes were pretty much jaw dropping but I could not help but laugh at the same time, which is something I love in a horror film. A perfect horror film is one that can creep you out and also make you laugh in equal doses. The last film to do this too me was Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell. Clowns do not scare me or creep me out, but the fact that Sloppy is an entertainer for children’s parties reminded me a lot of John Wayne Gacy, the notorious serial killer who dressed up as a clown and entertained at children’s parties. Sloppy gets a big A+ on the creep factor.

Is Sloppy for everyone? No. Not at all. This is not the type of horror movie that you could sit down and watch with your mom. Actually some may find it hard to sit through. The film pokes fun at social class, mental disabilities, the homeless and much more. If those things would upset you in a horror film then don’t bother watching it. But if your looking for a good film that has plenty of blood, guts, gore, laughter, nudity, prostitutes, and of course, clowns,  then Sloppy is the perfect film for you.

Sloppy the Psychotic proves to us yet once again that it does not take a large budget or celebrity actors and actresses to make a truly fun and unforgettable horror film. Sloppy is well on it’s way to becoming a cult classic.

4 out of 4 stars

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  1. Great review, I could not have said it any better.  I saw this at the preview and it was amazing.  Mike is an amazing director and actor.  Made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

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