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May 22nd, 2019

The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Kick It up a Notch

Walking Dead is easily one of the best shows on TV hands down and I am without a trace of doubt incredibly excited for The Walking Dead’s third season. That does not negate however the fact that the second season of Walking Dead was a less then stellar follow-up. Where the first season was spectacular from opening to end The Walking Dead Season 2 suffered in many ways not least of which is likely due to a massive budget cut.

The second season’s pace was horribly slow and the greatly reduced budget was painfully obvious as the series spent the entire first half of season two looking for a missing girl with Hershel’s farm as the backdrop. I could not figure out if the lack of imagination at the start of Season 2 was a result of Frank Darabont being fired, poor writing, or if it was simply an effort by AMC to drag the original seasons 6 episodes to 13 episodes.

AMC’s The Walking Dead still managed to lure in record numbers of viewers and in my view still managed to accomplish its goals of delivering great television but any way you cut it Season 2 was very dry and Season 3 needs to pack a much harder punch or fans of The Walking Dead will very quickly start tuning out.

The season finale in contrast to the rest of the second season was in a word spectacular and easily compensated for a lackluster start to the second season and in a matter of a few short minutes introduced some new key elements that will make Season 3 must see TV.

As Andrea is fleeing for her life after a mass of destruction at the farm we are introduced to a hooded woman with two chained, literally disarmed zombies whom we all know as the katana toting Michone. Michone will be  a great and much needed replacement to Shane’s character in The Walking Dead Season 3.

Michonne is a complex character that is all business but also mentally unstable making her a fantastic character. The story behind her two chained zombie companions is one that I for one will not spoil here but is just one great example of what made the writing in the novels so great. ( Read this page if you want to know who the two jawless, armless zombies in chains with Michonne are. )

Walking Dead Season 3 introduce Michone

More importantly we catch in the closing seconds of Season two a glimpse of one of the most important scenes from the Walking Dead, the prison. The prison will introduce the television fans to one of the darkest and most destructive characters of the graphic novels, The Governor ( played by David Morrisey ).

The Governor’s impact on Rick Grimes and his family is catastrophic and it will be interesting to see just how much their interaction follows Robert Kirkman’s original work.

The Walking Dead Season 3 will not only feature the zombie slaying katana toting Michonne and The Governor but will also see the return of one of my favorite characters from Walking Dead season one….. Meryl. Daryls older racist and trouble making brother will  introduce a new ‘cain and abel’ angle to the third season of The Walking Dead according to Michael Rooker who plays the role of Meryl.

Walking Dead Season 3 will introduce us to new characters, an old favorite and here is hoping new highs for the TV franchise. AMC has made it very clear they want to see The Walking Dead carry on for many more seasons but key to that will be engaging with fans and keeping us entertained.

One thing is for sure, I am very excited for The Walking Dead Season 3. Despite naysayers who said season two was far too slow it still managed to draw in millions of viewers and the season finale brought in a staggering 9 million viewers. Lets just hope this is enough incentive for AMC to give the production team behind The Walking Dead the money they need and deserve to make Season 3 spectacular.

One thing is for sure with the return of Meryl, the introduction of Michone and The Governor their are some very rich new characters that make the third season hard to miss!  Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? What did you think of Season 2? What do you hope to see in the third season?


  1. Slimtim0707

    I am a fan of both the comic and the series, but I completely disagree with this article. I thought that season 1 was weak, save for the pilot episode and the finale, especially when compared to the comic. I thought season 2 however was much improved and did a great job developing the characters. I read about the budget cuts, but did not notice them, and felt there was nothing missing from season 2 in the action department. I really enjoyed the direction the show went with Shane, and thought that his character was really carrying the show, along with Andrew Lincoln, who is finally really starting to become Rick Grimes. I am very excited for season 3 and only hope it’s as good as season 2, and not trying too hard to push emotional buttons like season 1 was. I thought the long search for Sophia did a great job to set the tone for the group’s changing morality

    • I couldn’t agree less with those comments. Season 2 was truely ridicliously slow. The whole season was spent on a farm, with the dialog being re-hashing over and over again regarding the same issues. Season 1 was a massive success for a reason. It now makes sense if there was a budget cut, however season 2 didn’t progress very far, and I very much doubt many other watchers will want season 3 to be as non-progressive as 2. If 3 doesn’t start to reveal some answers regarding the true state of this post apocolyptic world (outside the boundries of a farm, interstate and a couple of roads) then it’s only going to be a matter of time before it’s viewers lose interest and the show gets cut – which would be a real shame. I hope for a comprimise of action, character development, new characters introduction, and above all storyline progression regarding the state of this new zombie infested world.

      • Slimtim0707

        I guess you aren’t a reader of the comic because if you were you would realize that The Walking Dead isn’t about why there’s a plague of the living dead, if that’s what it even is. It isn’t about finding some sort of conclusion for society to be rebuilt and the ghouls to be eliminated. It’s simply about survival in this post apocalyptic world and how people react mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to extreme adversity. The Walking Dead is a journey, not a destination. It isn’t about science, it’s about the people and what they are going through

        • Sounds all good for a book, but for a television show that won’t pass to the masses. The spiritual journey you talk about still doesn’t give an excuse to re-hash the same issues over and over again. How many episodes were spent with the characters wondering through the woods looking for the little girl? A ridiclious amount, it was truely un-interesting. I got the character development, however will the masses be so patient? and is it sensible to place so much emphasis on that? I see your points but I think balance is key. I don’t believe the writers would have written the season the way they did if a larger budget was available – I did constantly wonder if the season had been produced on a small budget, that shouldn’t be obvious to the viewer. I will stick with the series, I just hope others do as well – I fear quite a chunk of the viewers will already have disappeared.

          • Jhette1234

            I’m with you Phil. Season 2 had sexist long drawn out dialog and lack of character development for  T-Dog. They were stupid people who could not keep an eye on their children.

            In the real world that wouldn’t fly, nevertheless a zombie world. No planning, no foresight, no nothing really except a lot of soap opera baby mama daddy sex drama. Many hard core original fans, and I know plenty within my own circle, were disappointed.

          • Slimtim0707

            So tell me, what was it about season 1 that you guys found to be so great or true to the comic? Was it the gang of essays that were protecting an old folks home? That was just silly and completely unrealistic. To think that there were only 6 episodes in season 1 and they wasted an hour on that lame side story. Or maybe it was Dixon’s character which was completely cliche bad guy, and also seemed silly and definitely wouldnt fit in with anything you’d read in the graphic novels. Or maybe it was all of the forced emotion from Andrea during her awkward scene with her dead sister that seemed to drag on for hours while the rest of the group stood by and endangered the lives of their children just for her macabre farewell. Or could it have been Carol’s good ol’ boy husband beating the shit out of her? You see in real life most people don’t fit into typical hero/villain profiles like the kind that were on display in season 1, and followed standard tv show formula. Most people have both good and evil sides to them as exemplified in the comic, and in season 2; characters like Darryl and Shane. I’m hoping the show is brave enough now to not follow the traditional hero/villain formula, and will present the characters in a more realistic, human way. After the awful episodes during season 1, I only watched because I was such a huge fan of the comic, and I had thought the series premiere was excellent. Thankfully season 2 breathed some life back into the show, and has created a lot of Buzz for what’s to come

          • Mateasclaudiu

            when you will understand this 2 ideas,you will understand what is going wrong with the show:
            TV show:ACTION and a little bit of drama
            Comics:DRAMA,and maybe a little bit of action

            Why?Because when you read,you don;t whant to read 3 pages about how i cut the zombies head.But when you are watching it,you want to see it.learn de difference betwen a comic and a tv show.And don’t compare the tv show with the comic and what is about TWD,the comic is just an INSPIRATION for the show.

          • Zapatablu

            I am in complete agreement with all the other comments…season 2 was too slow. The best part of the season was the finale. I hope the budget its bigger and Rhett storyline is better especially since they are introducing the Governir and Michone. Please don’t let it be a disappointment.

          • Nickbud_16

            hardcore fans of the show thats been out for 2 years…nerds. or the 8 years and running comics, clearly not fans as to this budget bullshit in the farm during the comic books they dont vear off only location is the farm then prison either they make up completely new locations or the give it the escences of the comic and seperate exciting storylines. so thats what they did no need for bigger budget, also thats how shows tell stories its about character developement go watch a movie and stop complaining

          • heidi

            Ditto re: stupid parents – keep an eye on your kids!!! Rick’s wife is SUCH a plot device.

          • Kuhlio13

            You have to realize that’s it’s still a success and in order to have many more seasons….they have to drag things out. Think of a soap opera. They drag out problems for years and they stay on the air. People will keep watching regardless of whether or not it progresses slow or fast. Why? Because they want to see what’s gonna happen next.

          • Again, Phil, learn about the product before you drone on and on. TWD is NOT about action nor are the zombies the main focus. Perhaps had you read the comic first, you would have passed on watching the show and found something more fitting for a short attention span. 

          • No i’m not against emphasis being placed on character development, nor
            against the un-forumulac characters of season 2. In fact i’m very much in favour of realism. What yourself and Slimtim0707 are not grasping is that there has to be a BALANCE between character development, storyline progression, action & gore to keep the mass audience. There was no balance to season 2. The entire season was set off 1 highway, on a farm and in a few woods and the storyline at times was bording on comatose inducing. For goodnes sake how many episodes were spent with them looking for Sophia? What you have to understand is that season 2 was produced on a reduced budget and the producers did the best they could with that budget. However look at the closing episode, it was obvious that they saved a proportion of the shows budget for that episode, with a little sneak peak at the end to potentially season 3. Maybe you can have the decency to talk to people in a civilased manner Ghouls. People don’t have to agree on everything and if somebody can’t post an opinion that varies from your own – then that truely is a pathetic reflection on you.

          • Nickbud_16

            so there was no balance despite main characters dying killing each other murdering a barn full only six epidsodes in. you can use lingo all you want and pretend like it means your right but there was good character developement some slow part as to any show and lots of action lol again go watch a movie both season were good in their own way nut season two was right to the comic. it supposed to be true to life should they have sopped looking for her after 1 day or should they have magically found sophia. dumbass. there were other scenes too incase you forgot not whole episodes were looking for sophia infact one of the best scenes was when daryl had to get back from his accident while looking for sophia. and that part about him and soophia made him the most popular character on the show so clearly people like it more than you and to say you didnt like it fine. but everyones always writing about the reasons it wasnt good. it was good. so write aboiut why you dont like it not why it sucked then maybe i wont have to care what you say/.

          • Cycohlic

            Read the trigger effect.

          • Sid

            Thats exactly what this is ,a zombie soap opera and that is why the slow pace and the interest in the characters will be excepted by the audiences.This is nt a quick bang for the buck movie,if it were it would be one hour and a half .this is gaining viewers ,all over the world ,not losing them .

      • Go read the comic, Phil, then come back and discuss the pacing of season 2. 

        • mmalarid

          I think it is funny how you sit there and tell people to read to comment in order to discuss with you the show. obviously the show is not following exactly the comic, therefore it its own thing. You are very closed minded about that, and you feel that your views are the only that should be taken seriously. Well to agree with Phil, the view of the mass is the important one, because if the mass quits watching the show because you have to sit through half a season looking for a stupid girl who everyone already knew was dead the minute they couldn’t find her, well then you have no show, and no one to tell to go read the comics because you won’t have posts like this to read. Season 2 was slow and pretty boring, even kinda the second half. you are watching a show that is about zombie apocalypse, not once in its advertising did I see that this show was about the journey of surviving, I did see however, a lot of zombies. So really, quit thinking that season 2 wasn’t slow because its got some character growth, because a show packed with action can also show a LOT of character growth. And I don’t mean baby mama daddy drama crap as action, I mean zombie attacks and raids into the town to get supplies and stuff. 

          • Dr Meinheimer

            There were some very good parts in both seasons.the menace of the zombies was depicted at it’s best when the group were caught in a migration of zombies and had to run for cover among abandoned cars.THIS is what is needed.I was v disappointed in season 2. The idylic farm gathering should have been shattered early on by hundreds of the undead coming out of the forest. Things were getting a tad too relaxed towards the end of season 2. Need to stoke it up a bit and feed some of the characters to zombies in season 3.

      • Dpor

        Sophia disappearing was the key element to many things. We had a lot of character development – Darryl’s good heart and Shane’s badass attitude. The leader of the group (Rick) became visible because of that. The fact that Sophia was gone was important for everyone to learn some self-defense or to help others, even if it isn’t one of the strong points of her missing.
        And this show isn’t about the infection, but the survival in the infected world.
        Sorry for my bad english.

      • Guest

        We need Tyreese 

      • Simo

        I’ve stop a the part where you said they spend the whole season on a farm… I’ll fid it kind of boring but FUCK MY LIFE how long they will spend in the prison … like 3 or 4 season …. kill me

        • Kirstie

           If you read any of the comics, there is a huge amount of stuff that happens with the prision. It’s a huge story line, with lots of new characters, new plot points, character developement, and so on.

          I’m not trying to sound pretentious or preach-y, but really. Everyone is critisizing the show because they don’t know what the actual idea is behind it. The comics are not about action, it’s about people trying to survive. It’s about how these people are affected, how they react, how they change. And even with all that, there is still a fair bit of action that goes on, but by the way that people are complaining you would think that the characters are expected to go charging into Atlanta every other day. If you want it to be realisic, then the creators are doing the right thing because it’s common sense that the characters would want to bunker down somewhere safe with food and not have to keep traveling.

    • k21

      I don’t think we actually start seeing Rick Grimes as he is in the comics. He would never (and has never) given that stupid speech at the end of the season about this not being a democracy anymore. He doesnt care about leading a bunch of people, all he cared about was doing whats best for his family, and in general just whats best. He took the role because he had to, he was the best guy capable. The show does not portray him correctly. Yes he kills in the comics, but he doesnt act like a dictator. (well not in the way as in the show) and the people are not so inclined to follow him when he does act out.

  2. Kingsnyder666

    Nothing can EVER top LOST. BUT…The “Walking Dead”, along with “Breaking Bad” are 2 very very good spots to fill that void. I thought that season 2 was very good. You don’t want to rush a show like this. We NEED character development and it was great for that. I think they are on the right track. Hell, I’m searching it on the computer for christ’s sake. lol. What a great show. This for me is the new “THE STAND”!!! if you’ve never seen it, it’s on netflix WATCH THE STAND IF YOU LIKE WALKING DEAD!

    • Magee Sean Patrick

      The show reminds me of it too. But the uncut edition of The Stand is boss. Makes the tv series look like a middle school play.

  3. Me

    It’s Merle, not Meryl. Am I really the only one to catch that?

    • TaraPanther

      You’re spot on….I’m glad someone else noticed…lol…i was going nuts here too

    • Ru

      No, but you’re the only one to give a rats butt! We and you knew what he meant! Really!!!!! That’s all u got! At least thae guys have some real meat to chew over and you bring this to the table! Just leave.

  4. gina

    But when does season 3 begin? I need to know. Please!

  5. ssimpson1967

    Yes! When does season 3 begin. And comcast has only 210 – 213. Netflix only has season 1. Where can I get season 2 1-9?

  6. Jay         –  before you actually start watching each episode,    reduce your main browser – and ‘X’ the pop-ups. Best of luck – and enjoy!

  7. ILuvZombies

    I am a true fan, andthe I agree both seasons are captivating. The show needs the depth…it makes the survivors’ situation more realisitic, now we know that it is not the zombies, but them that are the true”Walking Dead.”  I could only ask to see MORE ZOMBIES!! Also, I would like to know where Morgan and Duayne Jones are….wonder if the writers will bring them back in somewhere.

  8. ILuvZombies

    Also, forgot to metion that I read somewhere Season 3 will begin Oct. 25th. 7 months away :( but i am not 100 % on this, I am sure AMC will announce on their website.

    • BillyBob

      The show has only been aired on SUNDAYS…….Oct 25th is a THURSDAY.Why would AMC do that?Use some common sense.Its already been said its returning this FALL.Most likely will kick of AMC’s FEARFEST 2012.Which would either be SUNDAY October 14th or SUNDAY October 21st

      • Nickbud_16

        are you a show producer no so how the fuck do you know what they do. shows change their air days all the time dont be such an asshole aspecially when you dont really know

        • X-fallenangels-x

          Sorry mister got stepped on the toe callign others a asshole, when u are the biggest one here for not having brains. the last time i recalled watchings shows with breaks and stop. they never stopped chainging the air schedule release then only adding another day of release for the repeats of old series. new fresh series are always released on the same days and wont change at all. aspecially another  accurence you dont really know anything either..

  9. Duane

    All these people saying season 2 was slow… The show isn’t all about action. Think of the human condition and the way people can act with a drop in authority, tv, radio and general humanship. I was very satisfied with season 2 and thought it was an excellent effort all round

    • k12

        Yes but the character development of the show was much worse than the
      comics. They went into a completely different direction and cut out an
      awesome character, Tyreese. Then they proceeded to kill Sophia, who does
      not die in the comics, and actually is a great character later on, from
      whom you learn a lot and see just how much this zombie world has had an
      effect. The comics to me seem much more realistic (the way people act,
      theres actually some crazy stuff that happens that is pretty
      unbelievable haha), and things people can relate to. Each comic brings a
      new point to this new world, something important, while the show just
      wants drama (the bad kind). I might as well go watch a soap opera. I
      will keep watching the show hoping it will get better, but we will see.

      •  honestly not really ppl complai ni call the mcritters never happy abotu
        anything, for example at a restaurant the food “” isnt good”” minutes
        later they get the same plate again then it”s all good, in others words
        stop dickign about watch it and enjoy it. whant i whanna say  if a show
        only has to be action then there wouldnt hardly be any tv shows with a
        good enough budget cause they get more boring faster. other words go
        back to palying games if its all about the action. they do the show just
        perfectly, keeping it slow but with intense scenes that can be shocking
        making ur heart skip a second u have to be in the show to acctual enjoy
        it if you jsut watch it so u can goo woooo awesome what action that
        whus like a fucking emo twat then ur call. as for 25% of the watcher
        complain about everything how the show isnt good u sound like the ppl
        complaining the high budget movie the hunger games whas bad cause the
        kid whas freaking black jesus jumped up christ anyway there will be more
        action in this season as it wil lget harder and alot more struggles and
        fights maybe that wil lset you down  to enjoy a show. otherwise  go
        fucking find a show  that only has action and isnt boring at all or go
        watch fucking movies about the gay chuck norris with his so awesome
        called moves when bruce lee outdoes chuck norris everday with his old
        movies and still freaking does.. tell the rest of ur friends this also
        and here that are just like you  60% of the ppl here get a fucking grip
        on and go back to bothering restaurants with ther bad food, and get the
        old plate back with spit on it maybe being all good of a sudden for real
        god damn ur fucking historical critters that never make fucking sense.

      • randy

        The rumor is … that Madison Lintz (Sophia) mother felt the show was too scary for  her daughter to act in and requested that she be written out of the show.  I think that the two Greene girls are going to get the raping that was given to the twins in the comics.

  10. Paul Farquhar

    nah I was like I don’t remember Daryl having a sister? Oh they mean Merle. that’s one dumbass mistake to make right there.

  11. 123

    Other than me, was anyone even disappointed about the fact that the action of the season 2 finale was over in the first half of the show?  They just went from the farm to hang out around the highway again?and talk?   I thought that the build up of the preceding two episodes were going to lead up to something way better than that.  While setting the characters development and plot is important, the season finale was supposed to be an hour ride of non stop gore fest and action, while season 3 came in with the change of the character values.  You know that we are gonna have a whole season of watching people slowly turn on each other.  How disappointing.  So much emphasis on the burning barn in the talking dead afterwards. So lame.

  12. kquickstillsucks

    People will never be happy lol. Go back to season one REALLY were you complaining about lack of zombies? Other than pilot and the massacre at camp not a whole lot of zombies around….. Yet season 1 was so great and 2 sucked. SMH. They got to a fenced in farm and Zombies were getting stuck in the mud and wrangled weren’t some of you paying attention? You expect a lot of Zombies to be there? IMO off hand the good CLEARLY outweighed the bad. Season 2 premiere, episode where Shane killed Otis, Daryl Episode, mid season finale Sophia is a walker, LAST 4 episodes were great. My god someone even complained about the finale there wasn’t enough action lol. Just quit watching please because you obviously can’t comprehend anything that isn’t violence. Oh the barn burning that was important because Herschel and his family spent their whole lives their and the lives they used to know are officially over. Maybe some of you should just watch cartoons….  

    • TaraPanther

      couldn’t have said it better even if i tried…great commentary…people are expecting this to be all about zombies, blood baths and such, when in actual fact it goes way deeper than that. It’s really about the people, survival and humanity or the human psyche rather…i believe that this is one of the most well written and thoroughly researched (psychologically and otherwise) piece of work we have seen on television in a long time. It is absolutely captivating and it makes you look at the world and those around you in a different light…it certainly makes me appreciate life and respect the mind more (it is a very frail thing and there is a very fine line between sanity and being inhuman)

      • joeybot

         Is Tara trolling here?  well written and throughly researched what?  These characters are STUPID.  Just as one example, they have five wells and one is contaminated by a living zombie, so they tie Glen to a rope and dangle him down there?  Are you kidding me, what world would that possibly happen in?

        They haven’t gathered any supplies, they made only the slightest sops to safety (like a rickety old fence).  And they have the same conversation over and over and over.  How many episodes were spent debating what to do with the kids they had tied up?  It’s insane.  I want to like this show, and it has some good stuff…but the terrible stuff is piled just as high.

        • kquickstillsucks

           LOL maybe they have gathered supplies maybe they just didn’t want to show it because you know people would complain about it being slow and tedious….again LOL. Kids? I only remember Randal being tied up. I guess it’s possible we were watching two different shows….LOL.

          • joeybot

             Randal basically seems like a dumbass teenager, and since I’m older than a teen, he’s a kid to me.

            I would take several scenes of them scavenging for supplies over bickering about the same old issues week after week.  And hey, even 28 Days Later showed them getting supplies and it was just a two hour movie!

          • Nickbud_16

            so three episodes of contemplating what do do with the kid is too long for you short attention span. pretty sure killing someone or letting them go only to bring backa group of murders is a tough choice… go ahead sit in you chair and tell me you could write a better story like the show or not. stop bitching about which  directions its going or what they should do god get a life your the troll. cuase we all here trying to appreciate a showe and your slander is pissing me off

    • easywatchtvfan

      Spot on… You obviously WATCH the show without just LOOKING AT IT… :)

    • randy

      Also, don’t forget about the walker in the well and the one that grabbed the girl in the pharmacy – both pretty good scenes.

  13. 123

    Wow.  I have never complained, and I asked for one, just one episode of action.  I didn’t realize how personal the action vs non action zombie apocalypse walking dead movement was till now.  I liked seasons 1 & 2, and I just felt that it was time to pick up on some action in the season finale and not revisit the same locations because they stayed there way too long.  I was so relieved when they moved off that hwy and to a new location / setting. And I’m speaking in terms of movement in light of the series as a whole and the flowing of a storyline, and not in terms of Sophia being a real girl who was really lost and we have to think about her feelings.  And about the barn? After the invasion of the farm, the death of Herschel’s family members, the group splitting up and the deaths of the major characters in the episodes preceding? Why would anyone care about the barn other than being a symbolic loss of any safe haven they had.  The house and the farm were still intact and the only part of the farm that burned was “the barn”.  I don’t recall any animals being implicated in the burning barn either.  Yes it was a clencher watching Herschel defend it as long as he could.  But they treated the barn burning as if it were part of the action sequence. It was not.  Maybe if the house, barn,animals, and the entire farm were in the fire and it made their wells steam and explode and melt skin and muscles off of the zombies and all of the zombies in the perimeter of the farm were entrapped into the farm fire and and everything was burned to the ground, I would have felt more sympathy.  But when the zombies clear up, Herschel and his people still have a home and some acreage to come back to.

    • Z7189

      i agree …  they could go back 3 days from the burnuing and it would be ready to live  at again…

    • Dpor

      Haha. Haven’t you heard Daryl: “A horde like that could destroy the house” or something similar. The animals were going to be food for the zombies. The ammo was also ending.
      I think they did the right thing leaving and not returning is the most wise choice they made. Zombies don’t travel too much unless they hear a noise or see people or animals, so they would stay there some time. And the number of the horde was amazingly big.

  14. 123

    more zombies burning up is a plus of course

  15. Darren248

    best show on television lookin forward to season 3

  16. Brad30wtf

    To be honest season 1 was excellent and although season 2 started a little slow we got to see what the characters had to offer, it was a worthy follow up.

    Can’t wait for season 3 now and long may the walking dead continue for many more seasons to come.

  17. joeybot

    So the writer’s assertion that one of the best shows on tv  is horribly slow?  How much tv do you watch?  Some people want to defend this show just because it’s a zombie tv show, the kind of thing geeks only dreamed about way back when.  But it’s still a pretty bad show overall, with some really good stuff.  But there are many actual good shows that aren’t horribly slow, and are not filled with whiny, inconsistent characters.

    • Just-ryan

       lol ur soo stupid bro all u stupid people care about is action i never liked zombies until this show darly and rick and andrea are bad ass there is plenty of action just not non stop cause its realistic it is in fact very well written and there is a reason why millions watch it also y r people talking sooo much nonsense but have still watched to this point dont watch u stupid little fanboys. i come to see peoples opinion on what to expect next season and all i see is people whining cause there aren’t walkers killed every five minuts its  about survival and people and zombies and stuff i cant believe people take the time to watch show then go on the internet criticize the show for stupid nerd childish reasons. ne way show dope season 1 and 2 and many people agree stop watching or at least commenting if its to SLOW for u lol

      • joeybot

        I didn’t say it was slow, the author did.  And lol maybe you should learn not to write like a fool before you call someone stupid bro, lol dude lol homes bro lol!

      • fairy007

        I agree with ryan. It wudn’t be much of a story if there were zombies eating people every 5 minutes. I like getting to know the characters in a realistic kinda way. And if it takes awhile, then so be it. To be honest , I am much more interested in their survival story than seeing too much zombies. But that’s just my opinion. For me, it’s a great show!

    • Nickbud_16

      we are geeks and your on a website looking for season three which you will no doubt watch and your bad mouthing it  ithink someone s a hypocrit. thanks for addinig one more veiwer to the pile of 9 million veiwers. most ever to watch a tv show there will be haters for anything. the key is that you can make your own decisions but i guess youd prefer to follow the masses. thats why you hte this show and keep watching hahahahahahahaha what an idiot

  18. boggessanthony

    When is season 3 gonna premier

  19. Z7189

     I hope Season 3 brings less Stupidity … more group effort and less drama.. im glad shane is gone he was a loose cannon and a trouble maker…. with  the countless number of  cars trucks and suv’s around you would think the writers would make sure Rick and his group would always find and change to better and full tank vehicles….. so they wont be stranded  like the last episode of season 2…. I Def. like the show and will continue to watch,  but i will tell ya. im here yelling at the screen because of the stupid things they do and or dont do….   no more love triangles and no more stupidity.. please… By the Way Meryl and his Character Suck !!!

    • Heidi

      Ditto re: vehicles!!! I was soooo pissed off when they ran out of gas!!! all them damn cars on the highway. Seriously???!!!

  20. jd

    just enjoy it if your so disapointed stick to the comics .  its tv and one of the best things on it at the moment . stop thinking about too much, sit back eat crisps and enjoy.  no pleasing some people !

    • joeybot

       Yeah, stop thinking, be an idiot and like stupid things!

      • Nickbud_16

        i see you took your own advise liking this guys article lol by the way ill never read any comments you write to me so dont bother lol anyone else think this guys a retard… i guess they let the mental patientswatch TWD

  21. LEROY5279


  22. Stevenfowler10

    i have never read the comics, but hope to… i love the series and can not wait untill the 3rd season comes out… the actors, writers producers are doing an amzing job with the script and should continue ,,,, i for one can not get ENOUGH of the walking dead and also hoe to see plenty more eisodes and seasons ………

  23. steven

    I love the show and the books, I guess with me it’s all about seeing a scene or an episode and looking back on it to understand what they might be thinking. People will hate on Lori or other’s but In my own world do I know people like that, Yes. It’s easy for people to see some characters who they might not like or agree with and say that’s unrealistic. 
    Shane was one of the best villian’s I’ve ever seen on a show, mostly cause he was someone people could relate to and he wasn’t all bad. I hear them say how he killed Otis but never, “well he told Otis to leave him but he wouldn’t”. That meant more to me than anything else, cause it was like Shane knew one of them weren’t going to make it and he was first to try and take the fall. There is so many moment’s like that to say it’s bad writing, you just have to think and not hate a scene cause “you don’t feel you would do that”. IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD, I HAVE KNOW IDEA WHAT I WOULD DO. 
    It’s funny cause I think I’m the only one who loved the Sophia angle. But most people would hate it either way, either they find her right away and it’s unrealistic cause of how massive the area is, or they don’t and it’s boring. I didn’t care I was so into it when I saw her come out of the barn, it was intense. But whether you hate it not, please keep watching cause one of my favorite shows will stay on the air for a long time…

  24. Babzo4

    I just love this show and I really hate Laurie.! —ha-ha-ha!

  25. just watch the show

    I agree laurie is a B*tch But guys like yeah they spent to much time looking for sophia and there could have been more zombies but you are all going to watch the 3rd season so why criticizes TWD just watch the dam show of course there are going to be flaws and they already no of the lack of zombies and tried to make up for it in the finale   

  26. Boo__


  27. im a kid

    Hope the 3th season come before the summer or the start of it

  28. jill

    Iam a fan of the walking dead…too bad tho,sean died on its 2nd season,just as i was starting to have a huge crush on him! I went Bonkers over his bad ass appeal! ..hmm..and he’z got,nice lips too!

  29. Sgf

    I thought season 2 was good, I liked the slower pace, I just hope they don’t trash all to appease the zombie hordes out there who just want balls to the wall shoot outs and explosions. Some of the episodes of season 2 were absolute gems. I don’t know about the comic, but I don’t see any reason why this should be all about action, It should be about survival, which has nothing to do with ‘going rambo’, but staying in one safe place is realistic, and it happens to allow interesting character development.

  30. Anephites

    I think that season two was good for character development. That is essential for what walking dead is trying to do. Get people attached to the characters so that their deaths are more tragic. For example when Dale died, I was crushed. It was awesomely done! I do admit that it was slow. Just a lot of character development.

  31. TWDfan

    Just finished both season 1 and 2 after a friend’s continual request. Interested in reading the comic but a friend said there is also a set of books out. Is there a difference between the comic and the books? Is it the same story?

    • Braianlc

       As far as i know, there is only one book, called “rise of the governor”, and ( believe it or not ) it tells the story about the rise of the governor… hahahah

      The Comics are really diferent from the series in some aspects, but i’ve read until the 95th issue (the last one published so far) and i still love everything…

      you won’t regret reading all of the Walking Dead medias…

  32. Solenn_Audrey

    TWD is one of my favorite tv series,I’m from the Philippines,from Cebu specifically,It’s just amazing how the people in my city are so addicted with TWD. I think the part where Sophia came out of the barn as a little walker was dramatically intense given that they spent 6 episodes looking for  her,I could not imagine what Carol felt,being a mom too.The show has definitely more to offer  than hungry walkers,it shows you  that life must go on and we should all move on and to be strong for the people left around us,what makes it interesting is they need to do it real fast.

  33. Skrauth

    Three scenes that totally rocked this past year……..finally finding the daughter come out from the barn…..that was a WOW…….then, the bar scene, those characters were fantastic, and to then have Rick blow them them away…….again, excellent. Then, the topper, and what I thought should have been the end of the season, was Rick killing off Shane. those three scenes where totally worth watching the entire season. Great job ! Can’t wait to see what happens next !!!

  34. Kveldulf187

    I’ve never read the comics, prolly won’t because when there is a book and movie version of something one is always better than the other, but I find TWD entertaining. The first season had slightly/moderatly more action, but it seemed more chaotic, and rushed because the survivors were mostly ignorant of the new world order.I found that apropriate because in the same situation I think most people would act the same. desperation and shock encourageing cooperation among those who may never had worked together befor. Stereotypes and cliche’s working together because they didn’t have the luxery of thinking about it.Lol and in season 1 and 2 it showed that we as a species aren’t as smart as we’d like to think. Or as evolved/logical. I see the Zombies as a co-star that could be replaced with a flood, asteroid, world war or whatever. Oh and I saw the destruction of the Barn as symbolic of the destruction of the security that people who befor had lived in thin walled tents and found/replaced them with wooden walls, fences and something of a mote. And befor that had held their symbolic inosence/humanity, notice the characters who chased and sought after it and those that didn’t and how they ended up. Really TWD is a show that described how well we’d all handle returning to the caves and the zombies being the catalyst bringing the change.

  35. DKDave

    Just enjoy it.

  36. Cjvvipresents

    I’m gonna have to add that season three is already shaping out to be a joke. The picture on here says it all. A Kill Bill chic with Zombies chained to her is ridiculous. The main reason I(And others who don’t care about the comics) watch this show is for its realism. If a Zombie apocalypse happened this is the way people would act. Not chain Zombies to themselves and run around with a sword pretending to be a Ninja. And Michonne is a Lawyer in the comics, I mean really who wants to see a Lawyer being a bad ass? The number one people you want to see get killed is a Lawyer. I really don’t know why Kirkman would even go the cheese route and ruin the shows realistic approach.  Plus tired of the woman empowerment crap that plagues TV and movies now a days.

  37. I  just want a Bruce Campbell cameo in season 3

  38. Konijr

    I agree that season two got slow….. But season two still had a great start and ending in a great punch…. I am a BIG FAN OF WALKING DEAD and i am very excited for the third season…. i hope that the third season will be awesome!!!! MORE POWER AND MORE ZOMBIES FOR WALKING DEAD!

  39. Egana_8

    I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead, and have been since the first episode. I am not a fan of zombie movies or shows, but this show does a great job of keeping it interesting. They always leave an episode off on a Clift hanger, making you want more. The first season was amazing. The second season, in my opinion was even better than the first. The plot fell through for a couple episodes, taking too long with finding Sophie. However, they made up for it in the last couple episodes. The last episodes where probably the best in the series. New character that was introduced was really cheesy. A zombie ninja doesn’t really fit. I mean, how are they not trying to eat her? It doesn’t make any since. Also, at the end of the season, Rick really impressed me, he was stepping up and pulling the group back together. Then he said that he is in charge and it’s not a democracy anymore. At that moment it really looked like he lost the respect of the whole group.
    The final shot was AWSOME giving you a view of the jail to make you ask so many different questions.
    Altogether it is an amazing series!

  40. Alex123lionhart

    Anyone sees Chris?

  41. Jill Valentine

    it must be Umbrella… 

  42. Uts74

    Yr all a bunch of whingers” the small budgets these guys produced season two on is great” the twists n turns the plots within plots keeps you guessing an I just can’t wait for season three an beyond” tell me besides sons of anarchy what’s series compares”

  43. Justucecocho

    I HOPE…… and I think i say this on behalf of all the fans of the programme….. that with the reapperance of Meryl and the caine and abel theme mentioned…. I hope out of the two brothers Darryl stays alive and continues to stay with the original group and cast for many more seasons to come, being that he is an awesome and popular character… the producers would be stupid to cut darryl out.

  44. Theresajane Charles

    i dont think the second season was slow,it carn’t be constent action all the still glued,it’s the best program on the tv.big fan.

  45. TheWalkingDeadRealFan

    OMG OMG OMG i cant waiting “The Walking Dead Season 3” -.-!  cmon team, faster.. show us the new episodes on TV im sure sooooo many wanna see them… (WE CANT WAIT SO LONG)

  46. feduphere2

    I for one enjoy Walking Dead.  If the writer of the comic (and the show) Robert Kirkman, did the show just like the comic book, many would already know what was going to happen.  By Mr. Kirkman doing it somewhat differently for TV, it gives everyone something new.  From what I’ve read, Shane died way sooner in the comics.  I also read Sophia survived where her mom did not. As to “dragging out” a story (Sophia, the Farm, the upcoming Prison), it’s more about the characters.  This is not Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead where a lot of the characters are all dead at the end of the show.  You have to develop characters rather than just what some people want.  Sorry, it can’t be a Zombie bloodbath EVERY week.  For those that complain, if it’s that bad for you, stop watching the show.  Kudos to the Creators, Writers, etc for a great show.

  47. zombie chick

    I am a huge fan of the show. And I disagree with this article. In season 2 we got to know a more personal side to each character and I think that is what made season 2 amazing. I can not wait to see season 3 :) team DARYL all the way!

  48. Hami

    Season 2 was amazing, 9 million people tuned in cause it rocked!!

  49. Hami

    Season 2 made you care about the characters and added much needed emotion to the whole groups relationship towards each other and how each persons reacted to the problems not just the walkers but to other everyday realistic problems that occurred while trying to survive.  

  50. Hami

    Walking Dead is my favorite show now

  51. darryl and rick all the way

    people dont get it. the show is about the characters not the action. There is a lot of action that will come in season 3

  52. Season 2 moving to slow..They all keep fighting with each other..not unite and so easy making trouble for them selves. can’t wait to watch Season 3, but when?

  53. randy

    I have been thinking about this for awhile.  How would it be if another Walking Dead was produced and shown during the original show’s break ??  It worked for C.S.I. and Law & Order.  Introduce new people – in a different part of the country – different backgrounds, etc.  While one show has their season break, the other could air and then we could enjoy both during the year.

  54. Ginacste

    Season 2 was great! Can’t wait for new season! Just wish it wasn’t so longer in betweenthe seasons, that’s all. Great show keep it up!

  55. Lisapress

    I love walking dead I already own the complete first season and as sion as season 2 comes out ill be buying that as well I love Rick he is awesome I was sad to see shane go but oh well can’t wait for season 3.

  56. Jacob4Freedom

    Season 1 was spectacuar, season 2 was an atrocity. But the ending was thrilling enough to lure me back for season 3. Firing Frank Darabont & cutting the budget may have been the most idiotic move in tv history…hopefully season 3 will reclaim the magic of season 1 & the outstanding pilot.

  57. Lachlanself

    All I care about is the zombies. season 2 bealy had any I’m hoping season 3 has as much action has season 1 did.

  58. Nicky

    I hope they don’t show Lori getting killed like she was in the comic book series.
    I really admire her a lot.

  59. C86bubbles

    I too never read the comics on this show, but I love the show and can’t wait for season 3 to start. Season 2 may have been slow but being I never read the comics, I thought that this was the way the comic was. Didn’t think twice of why they were taking so long to find Sophie, I just knew that it was leading up to something being that it was taking so long. I for one like both season 1 and 2 and like I said never read the comics so I have nothing to judge the show off of. I think Andrew is doing a great job playing his role. As well as Sarah,Laurie,Steven,Chandler,Norman,ironE,Melissa,Lauren and Scott ” Hershel” . I hope to see Morgan and his son Duane show up in season 3.

  60. Irene Santibanez

    Cant wait for season 3! Loved season 1 & 2.

  61. Shotcalla39

    I though the second to last episode with the Shane climax was far and away the best episode of season 2…

  62. johnny a

    You were way too hard on them about season 2, which i truly enjoyed. then again, i loved the Horde. I like anything in the Zombie genre. Can anyone explain Why Darabount was fired???

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