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June 19th, 2018

Spoiler Corner: Human Centipede & Human Centipede 2

Spoiler Corner is a “hopefully” regular feature where I will go into detail about moments in movies people don’t like to have ruined for them. Up on deck for this post we have the two (so far) HUMAN CENTIPEDE movies. Infamous for their taboo and stomach churning subject matter the first film was surprising in its restraint where as the sequel just lets everything flow out…literally.

The spoiler free plot of the first film is a crazy surgeon kidnaps three people (two American girls and one Asian man) and plans to pull off a sick medical procedure by sewing each of them together ass to mouth thus creating one single digestive track. The second film is just a deviant that is obsessed with the first film and has been kidnapping people at the parking garage he works at and plans to make a twelve person centipede for himself except he lacks the medical expertise to safely pull it off.

You can expect spoilers from here on out. I’m assuming the main reason people sought out the first film was morbid curiosity to see what the big deal was which was my main reason as well, which carried on into the second film. The first one didn’t come anywhere near as sick and disgusting as I’d built it up in my mind and the sickest aspects are left to your imagination. When you hear about a film where people have their mouths sewn into another’s anus eventually you know that person has nature call upon them and when it does you don’t see it- the first film shows some mercy and restraint by hiding the grotesque image from you. I wish I could say the same for the second film. The villain of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 has no medical background and uses dirty tools to cut people open and attach them to one another. A staple gun is used to staple everyone’s mouth to another person’s ass to complete the centipede. As you can imagine, a staple gun does not create any sort of seal so when Martin, the villain, injects each person with a laxative everyone begins releasing their bowels at the same time and the excrement squirts out of the holes the staples do not cover and sometimes onto the camera- until it reaches the end of the centipede and it covers the wall behind them.

If that were the most offensive part of the second film that’d be one thing- but there’s more. Martin is so obsessed with the first film that he also somehow manages to get one of the stars, Ashlynn Yennie to show up for what she thinks is an audition to a new Quentin Tarantino film only to arrive and be knocked out and take her place at the front of the centipede. Once Martin finally snaps and decides to put his plan into motion starting with brutally murdering his mother there’s no looking back. Some of his other victims include a woman nine months pregnant, a hot headed neighbor and several other types of people that had the unfortunate chance to run across Martin in the parking garage. Knees are cut open, teeth are graphically hammered out and each mouth is stapled to the ass placed in front of them. Once the dirty deed is fully complete and Martin carries out to much glee the task of making each person poop into each other’s mouth he vomits at the smell that’s filled the room. The next logical step for Martin is to approach the back end of his creation and rape it- except raping it is not bad enough. Earlier on in the film Martin masturbated with sand paper while watching the first film and to satisfy his deviant needs this time around he wraps barbed wire around his penis and proceeds to rape the poor woman saddled with being the last segment of the centipede and when he’s done he spits on her back.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the deal with the woman that was nine months pregnant?” There is an answer but the purpose of there being a woman nine months pregnant is another story- as I see it there is no other purpose but to show the following result of that inclusion. Martin is bashing each person on the head and when he is preparing to attach his centipede he checks on her and believes she is dead so he covers her with a sheet of plastic. When Martin is least expecting she jolts up and runs out of the building to a car with keys in it. Martin pursues her but she locks the doors and he is unable to grab her out of the car. While attempting to start the car she goes into labor and the baby slides out and onto the floor of the car. The woman then starts the car, and slams down on the gas except her newborn baby’s head is under the gas pedal and she subsequently crushes the infant’s head- the woman escapes and that’s the end of that.

While all the drama occurs one of the men in the centipede has separated himself from the pack by ripping his lips from the staples and crawls in search of a weapon. Martin is able to stop him though by shooting him and the other people that are still attached to him. He goes to shoot the rest and approaches the front girl who is able to fight him and knock him to the ground. Meanwhile Martin’s ACTUAL pet centipede has gotten loose and the girl pulls his pants down, sticks a funnel into his butt and places the centipede into it sending Martin into a frenzy and shoots the girl anyway.

After all this you would think an eventual ending that might redeem everything we’ve see would be forthcoming and Martin would get what’s coming to him. Nope- the camera cuts and we see Martin in his security booth watching the credits of the first film. Thus ending the movie on the final note that nothing we just saw actually happened.

There you have it, all the gory details of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 (FULL SEQUENCE) and some for HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE). Now that you know and I’m sure love Tom Six for attempting to really show his critics by challenging them with all the horrific visuals he was criticized for not having in the first film I’m sure your biting at the bit for part three, which Six has said he will star in as the villain along with Martin and the Doctor from the first film and will feature a 500 person centipede. Yay?


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