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April 21st, 2019

Sam Raimi Bringing Back Day of the Triffids

Written by John Wyndham in 1951, The Day of the Triffids is one of the most underrated science fiction novels of all time. In 1962, it was made into a cult film starring Howard Keel and Janette Scott (Yes, this movie is referenced in Science Fiction, Double Feature of the Rocky Horror Show). Following the film came a BBC television series in the 80’s, as well as a reboot series in 2009. Now Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures  is bringing this beloved classic to life.

Synopsis Of Book: The world is watching the sky one night as a meteor shower is falling down upon the Earth. The next morning, most of the world’s population is blind. Bill Masen, who worked with particular plants called triffids, is temporally blinded by the venom of the small triffids, only to find himself with sight that day. He is met by more people who still have their vision. They roam around London trying to help others and find food. Fighting off gangs is the least of  their problems when they must hide from the giant mutated triffid plants.

I remember my dad having a copy of the original film from 1962 on VHS. I was always terrified to watch it but loved watching it and showing it to all of my friends. What used to scare me was the fact that everyone was blinded from watching a meteor shower then the whole city and country side is covered in 15 foot tall triffid plants that whipped long tongues covered with poison at everyone. As terrifying as it was then, it is still pretty scary now.

Neil Cross has just been hired to write the script, which is going to tie in elements from both the 1962 film and the original novel. Obviously the film is in very early stages of development, but I will be waiting anxiously for this bad boy to make it’s way to the big screen.


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