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December 12th, 2018

Retro Viewing: Roswell Season 1

Roswell High is kind of crazy. It’s got teen angst, 25 year-old looking students, and homework that never really gets done. Oh yeah, and three of the students are aliens. ROSWELL isn’t just another show set in high-school, it was actually one of The WB’s better programs during its peak.

The show focuses on three alien students who look like teenagers – Max, Isabel, and the loose-cannon Michael. They know as little about themselves as we do. Flashbacks show that they remember waking up from a pod as children and walking through the Roswell desert until finally being picked up. Max and Isabel wound up being taken into a home together while Michael got bounced around foster homes. That’s about all you need to know because anymore would ruin the ride.

Side note: Roswell has one of the best intros to a TV show ever. Seriously, check it out.

In the first episode, a couple of tourists get a little crazy and a gun is pulled at the local diner (called The Crashdown) which ends up shooting Max’s soon-to-be love interest Liz, a waitress at the diner. Max, who was eating with Isabel and Michael, instinctively runs to her and places his hand on the wound, then heals it with his alien powers. He tells Liz that the bullet hit the ketchup or something which then spilled onto her, hoping to cover his tracks. Max then hurries out of the diner with Isabel and Michael before anyone notices they were there. You can see some of it above in the intro.

The real point I took away from this scene (the whole show actually) is this: How can anyone compete with a dark-haired, brooding alien with a mysterious past who happens to have super-powers? It’s crap. Any dude looking to date Liz Parker hasn’t got a chance – unless his name is Clark Kent. Anyway, this scene kicks off the show, forcing the three aliens to share their secret with Liz and, ultimately, a couple of her friends.

As I was getting further into the season I formed an unhealthy crush on Liz Parker. She’s pretty. Super pretty. This happened before when I marathoned through Veronica Mars (Again, Kristen Bell is perfect). It’s strange because she’s playing a 16 year old girl but she’s actually (alteast) 23, which makes it okay, right? RIGHT? Shutup!

Back to the show. ROSWELL gets really good at some points. I mean really good. You’ll find yourself powering through 3 or 4 episodes at a time if you’re not careful. The season also finishes strong and leaves you wanting more – which is what a good show does to its audience. Also, it’s cool to see some big Hollywood stars before they were who they are today – Katherine Heigl and Colin Hanks for example.

ROSWELL deals with these three high-school students who are battling their identity. Are they more human than alien? And if it came down to it, which side would they choose? It’s a premise that plays out well and really drives the show.

As with any show on basic cable there are a couple of episodes a season that are less-than-average, but that is going to happen when you’re told to pump out 20-22 episodes a season. There’s a reason shows on Showtime and HBO have12 episode seasons. Anytime you’re shooting 20-something episodes you’re going to have to stretch your story out and create some filler episodes. It just means more Liz Parker, which isn’t a bad thing.

ROSWELL is a show worth watching, more-so than a lot of the shows on cable today. It really does stand the test of time, even if that test is only 10 years or so. If you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are looking for a show to watch together then this is the perfect choice. It truly is one of those shows that anyone can enjoy. Most importantly, it’s got a good story that’ll keep you clicking the “Play Next Episode” button on Netflix.

If you’ve got Netflix, add it to your Instant Queue and get started. I’m going to go ahead and get started on season 2.

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  1. Kmi-licious

    J’adore Roswell ! C’est ma série préférée :) Roswell 4ever <3

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