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April 20th, 2018

The Loved Ones Finally Gets US Distribution

Here’s some pretty awesome news that’s years in the making. Sean Byrne’s THE LOVED ONES is easily one of my favorite horror films in recent memory and I’ve been waiting at least three years for the film to find US distribution so that I can add it proudly to my DVD collection. The news coming out of the SXSW film festival that is quickly getting underway today is that Paramount Insurge is releasing the film stateside this Spring theatrically and a DVD release likely follows. The film will also have a special screening at the festival so if you are lucky enough to attend I strongly recommend you do so.

THE LOVED ONES finds a young man kidnapped and tortured by a fellow classmate who he rejected when she asked to go to prom with him. Honestly the less you know about the film the better the reward. Byrne’s film is delightfully twisted and one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in recent years. The two leads have or will he appearing in popular releases stateside- Xavier Samuel who plays Brent was featured in TWILIGHT ECLIPSE as the main villain in that film and the Robin McLeavy will be in the upcoming film ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER as Honest Abe’s mother. Be sure to catch THE LOVED ONES when it comes to a theater near you. Also check out the newest theatrical poster below.

If you head over to the film’s official site you can sign up to bring the film to your hometown- so round up your friends to sign up and spread the word if you want to see THE LOVED ONES in a theater near you this June.


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