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December 16th, 2018

Early Hunger Games Review

After waiting patiently for months upon months the day is rapidly approaching that fans of Suzanne Collins’ young adult book series The Hunger Games have been waiting for. It seems that a full fledged embargo has eased and over at /Film a single word was used to describe the film with a full review on its way. You might be wondering what word was used to describe THE HUNGER GAMES? Well the one word review was simpleton:


Germain Lussier is a writer for /Film that expanded a little further by saying fans will want to see CATCHING FIRE the second HUNGER GAMES is over and that director Gary Ross “knocked it out of the park.” You can click on over to /Film to read more including an interview that brings to question rather or not the third film, MOCKINGJAY, will be split into two movies such as HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATLHY HALLOWS or TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN.

It’s somewhat of a relief to see a good opinion coming out this early from someone not involved with the filming or the book series. Suzanne Collins weighed in with her opinion which was unsurprisingly positive, but it’s easy to write something like that off as “Well what else is she going to say?” Obviously the author coming out and trashing the film before its release could have had its consequences so seeing her praise it before anyone else had seen it was sketchy, but a second perspective gives a little more credit to Collins’ remarks even though I will still have to see it for myself in order to really buy into it.

THE HUNGER GAMES hits theaters on March 23, 2012.

Via: /Film


  1. moonshoespotter1712

    deathly gallows? seriously?

  2. Huge disappointment

  3. Anonymous

    No idea what you’re referring to moonshoes

  4. Kat

    I actually liked the hunger games, it had funny moments, it wasn’t boring, and had lots of suspense. A perfect adventure movie. At least it’s better than other movies like the new Harry potter which made no sense at all. anyways, I’d rate the movie 3 1/2 stars.

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