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April 27th, 2018

New Clip for The Loved Ones

Do not be fooled by the title The Loved Ones is no love affair. Its a brutal horror movie that looks to bring a character even more terrifying then Kathy Bates in MISERY.  I am a sucker for horror movies that are dark and twisted and well thought out and frankly The Loved Ones looks like it could be the must see horror movie of 2012.

It reminds me a little bit of the dark horror comedy OTIS but The Loved Ones is much less about laughs it seems as it is about shocking brutality.

THE LOVED ONES finds a young man kidnapped and tortured by a fellow classmate who he rejected when she asked to go to prom with him. Honestly the less you know about the film the better the reward. Byrne’s film is delightfully twisted and one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in recent years.

Be sure to catch THE LOVED ONES when it comes to a theater near you.


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