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April 27th, 2018

Prepare Once Again To Enter The Further With Insidious 2

Haters of James Wan’s INSIDIOUS are about to collectively smash their heads on their keyboards with the announcement of a sequel to the financially successful horror film. I included the title in my top horror films of 2011 as did many others but the film came with a vast amount of moviegoers that were none to pleased with the film. Like or not a sequel is going into production- you can read about the project in the press release below.

“The terror that horror movie fans experienced with last year’s hit film INSIDIOUS will continue as the creative team behind the film announce plans for a sequel. Leigh Whannell will once again write the script, and James Wan is in talks to once again direct. Jason Blum will produce through his Blumhouse Productions shingle. Brian Kavanaugh Jones, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider will executive produce. The sequel will be financed by Alliance Films, which also financed the first film. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has acquired the U.S. rights to the film in concert with FilmDistrict. FilmDistrict will distribute the film in the United States, with Alliance Films distributing in Canada, the UK (via its Momentum Pictures subsidiary) and Spain (via Aurum) and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions distributing the remaining international territories. The INSIDIOUS sequel will go into production in 2012 for a 2013 release.”

Via: Dread Central


  1. Argento

    Hmm… Not sure this is really needed. Insidious was a pretty average film – a bit scary for the first 40 minutes, then pretty silly for the rest of it. A sequel is just for the $$$

  2. Noman

    I dont understand the pesimistic reviews on insidious it was one of the best horror movie with a storyline with it, most of it is just cheap crap costumes and make up, djeez get a life men! INSIDIOUS IS GREAT!!

  3. Joe

    Please not another- the first was horrible and predictable.

  4. Paraboo

    Insidious shouldn’t have worked so well but this was one of the few recent horror flicks that actually made me jump. The sound design was killer 😀
    I’ll hold my breath for the sequel though.

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