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June 20th, 2018

Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill Movie Review

The “comedy”(and I use that world lightly) is about a guy called Jack played by Adam Sander whose sister Jill, also played by Adam Sandler has come to visit over the thanksgiving holidays. ‘Hilarity’ ensues when you get to see the shenanigans they get up to in this masterpiece of poor film making. I think this film was the final straw for me. I need to make everyone aware of how you are being conned out of your money by Adam Sandler.

To sum up this film in one word, I would say offended. I am offended that this is even an idea, it’s not even a good idea, Eddie Murphy was doing it in the 90’s when cinema was making a turning point. But today, not necessary. And its not even like it was decent visual effects, Adam Sandler sat in a dress for 90 odd minutes is seen as offensive to me and should be made illegal,  I actually feel like I have been robbed by this film of both my time and my hard earned money.

Lets talk about Adam Sandler, In the 90’s early 2000’s some would say he was one of the most entertaining actors in the industry with hit films such as Waterboy, Anger Management (one of my favourite comedies) and Billy Madison to name a few. However without a doubt the flops outweigh the gold but the fat guy with the large popcorn and coke will continue to shove popcorn in his face and watch Adam Sandler films because of what I call the ‘comfort zone’ effect. For example, the audience that will watch this film would have seen his older movies and say “hmmm ‘The Vow’ has got some good reviews but I don’t really know who made the film and I don’t who Channing Tatum is…. Ahh lets just watch Jack and Jill because we ALL know who Adam Sandler is.”  These people are to blame for why Adam Sandler is allowed to make half hearted, insulting and displeasing films like Jack and Jill.

This film cost around $79 million dollars to make, so if it’s so poor where did all the money go? Simple, into two things: 1. Advertisements and product placement 2. Adam Sandler and his Saturday Night Live friends (SNL). Let me explain, this film is literally littered with product placement and advertisements, it actually feels like your watching a long two hour advert for a variety of companies like Cocoa Cola, Royale Caribbean Cruise, Oreos etc. However fortunately for Adam Sandler in this film, he’s an advertising executive so no matter what scene you’re watching there is product placement everywhere. For example, there was a scene where there were rows of Pepto Bismol and because of their bright colours they stand out. You may have not noticed them when watching the film, but your brain did.

However the main product that is shown in the film is Dunkin Donuts (probably put the most money in the budget) because they are trying to get a celebrity to do a commercial with them to promote their new cappuccino but they really want Al Pacino because cappuccino rhymes with Al Pacino making this more or less the premise for the whole film. Hilarious. So Dunkin Donoughts is all over the place and at the end of the film we have the pleasure of watching a terribly made advert for Dunkin Donoughts starring Al Pacino.

And finally Adam Sandler and his SNL buddies, guaranteed if it’s done by his Billy Madison studio then without a doubt he will have the same recurring characters and director in nearly every film. It’s probably the most stupidest thing you could do from a film lovers point of view because the roles they have don’t add anything to the film, they play a similar character in nearly all the films. However, from a financial point of view, brilliant, just split the cash equally and make another piece of trash that the fans of the old Adam Sandler will go see. Easy money. A term Adam Sandler knows only too well because quarter of the budget ($20 million) went straight into his pocket for putting a wig and a skirt on.

Furthermore, superstar actors who are now out of work are starting to see the financial side and are joining the scandal! Rob Schneider, once a respectful actor in the industry starring in films like Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone has been seen in a lot of Sandler’s films, Chris Rock and David Spade are starting to make appearances and it looks like they got a new recruit in Al Pacino! You could really tell he couldn’t wait to get that big cheque, cant blame him thought he hasn’t seen one since the early 90’s. So the equation today ladies and gentleman is less effort+ Adam Sandler + money advertising+ same characters = PROFIT!

To sum this film up it really reminds me of a Mcdonald’s cheeseburger, It looks like a cheeseburger, tastes like a cheeseburger… but its not really a cheeseburger, its missing its core ingredient, which is meat. This film looks like a film, acts like it’s a film… but its not really a film, it’s an embarrassing dark side to the cinema and I hope people can now see how your all being tricked by this once talented actor.

I give this a 0 our of 6

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  1. not as much funny but sitill one time movie ……go and watch it here

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