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June 20th, 2018

Horror Short Spider Danger Will Play on your Phobias

If you are like me and have a serious phobia of spiders then Antonio De Luise’s horror short Spider Danger will not make it better. I hate spiders so much that all it takes is the smallest one to crawl across the floor and I am rolling around freaking out like a 1st grader who just got  a snowball in the face.

When I googled Spider Danger to learn more about the short film I inadvertently ended up in the google images search and holy moses! If you have a phobia of spiders do not go googling ‘spider dangers’ and looking at photos. I am now grimacing like a new born baby exiting the womb!

I enjoyed this horror short although admittedly it was a bit to heavy on the CG and I am more of a practical FX guy but that does not alter the fact it is still a great indie production.

What makes Spider Danger particularly unique is one guy did everything which is also why I am willing to overlook the heavy use of CG where I would prefer some practical FX.

The director Andrea Ricca who did the scripting, shooting, editing, special effects, 3d modellation and animation. The original music was composed also composed by Antonio De Luise.


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