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May 22nd, 2018

Horrible Bosses Writer Going on Vacation

It’s been a while since we last witnessed the vacation hijinx of Clark Griswold and the rest of his family but it seems now a reboot or return to the series is in order. National Lampoon has given us the extremely popular VACATION series- my personal favorite being CHRISTMAS VACATION- and John Francis Daley along with Jonathan Goldstein have been brought on to direct a new installment that will continue with Clark’s son Rusty Griswold.

Daley and Goldstein were writers on HORRIBLE BOSSES, are working on the sequel while also in charge of writing the script for the new VACATION movie. I don’t hold a whole lot of hope for additional VACATION movies, just because it feels to have run its course. I really loved HORRIBLE BOSSES though so I will keep an open mind should the project make it to theaters.

What are your thoughts on a new VACATION?

Via: Variety


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