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April 21st, 2019

George Lucas Retires: Joins The Retired Side!

George Lucas RetiresGeorge Lucas Retires! Over the years I have decided to compare George Lucas to one person…George bush. Now let me explain, they both have the same first name and stylish grey hair. George bush has a dad who in all honesty did quite well in the Whitehouse in the 80’s, and Lucas has a star wars franchise which did quite well in the 80’s, Bush Jr nearly destroyed America in the 90s and Lucas, in the same era, successfully destroyed the prequel star wars franchise films.

Oh and bush is retired and Lucas should be joining, that’s right folks George Lucas has announced he is retiring from making big blockbuster films! After the devastating flop of the new star wars films and the newest Indiana Jones film, Lucas has realised that maybe blockbuster movies isn’t his ‘thing’. The turning point was his latest catastrophe ‘Red Tails’ where George blames the lack of good reviews on the fact that the studios refused to finance a film with an “all black cast”.

Which really does beg the question, don’t you have a studio of your own called LucasFilms which was the primary studio for the film? Plus, you even stated that you invested your own money into the film so exactly what finances were you looking for? I think someone’s feeling a little greedy.

Plus hasn’t society passed this now, I doubt movie goers won’t not go to watch a film because of an all black cast. We have seen films like Big Mommas house, Nutty professor, Boyz in the Hood and Roots, to name a few, that have had majority black cast, if not all black cast members in them.

For god sake Eddie Murphy plays at least 7 of the main characters in Nutty Professor so how much more proof do you need Mr. Lucas to show you that society does not care about race in films anymore. Films bring people together, whether their good films or bad and at the end of the day your film Red Tails flopped because of the over-use of CGI, poor script writing and terrible overall decisions made by you!


  1. I love how you use two terrible movies and two good movie as your examples. As far as Eddie Murphy goes and white people are concerned, he’s a good black guy. We grew up with him on the screen and we like him. There are still exponentially more racist pieces of shit in the US than you could possibly imagine so it really still is a factor.

  2. JJcomics777

    George ‘bush’ ?? The whole article is a mess. You must be writing this in another language and using babelfish to translate it to English. This “article” is worse than a paper written by a freshman in an American high school. 

  3. Christophernadeau71

    Agreed, this reads as if written by a child spouting his parents’ uninformed opinions. The fact that you can’t see the vast gulf between non-white acceptance of films that are intended to make Afircan Americans look like clowns and the ones that purport to reveal the truth about race and history is telling enough, but you also use sentence and grammatical structure that leaves much to be desired. Ex: “Plus hasn’t society passed this now, I doubt movie goers won’t not go to watch a film because of an all black cast.”

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