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April 25th, 2018

Drugs, Boobs and Booze In Red Band Project X Trailer

PROJECT X is a movie I didn’t even know existed up until I saw the trailer in front of CHRONICLE. Ever since then I can’t turn the channel on the TV without seeing a commercial for the film. Everything up until now has just mostly the same footage just cut differently and now we have a red band trailer to feast our eyes on.

The red band trailer gives a pretty good impression of what will be in store for us when PROJECT X releases on March 2, 2012- lots of teens dropping f-bombs, talking about sex, drinking, taking drugs and taking their clothes off. If that’s not enough for you then we also have fights, people being tazed, cars being driven into pools, trees being set on fire, people shooting flame throwers and a midget busting out of an oven and groin punching everyone in his path. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t look like a hilariously good time. Check out the red band trailer below.


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