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June 19th, 2018

The Dead Movie Review

I have always been a sucker for zombie films. It started with George Romero and his Dead Series but since then countless films have engaged me and entertained me. Some have broken the mold with their creatively like Dead Girl, the french zombie film La Horde and titles like Shaun of the Dead and Fido.

The Dead however is a most classic tale of zombie infestation. With very little glitz it uses a simple but admittedly effective approach to tell a story as old as it gets, the end of the world. The Dead tells the story of American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy played by Rob Freeman who is marooned on the dark continent of Africa as he is trying to escape in an air lift. He is forced to find his way to safety as the undead over run the country

Along the way he encounters Sergeant Daniel Dembele a local African soldier who is looking for his family. Together they team up for their own ends and form a unique friendship and connection.

The Dead is a classic zombie film in the sense that it has zombies and really does very little to try and re-invent itself. Shot on 35MM film by the award winning Ford brothers it is based in Africa which is one of the high points of the film. Billed as the first zombie road movie set in the beautiful landscape of Africa there is no denying that the film visually is very polished in its look. The somewhat flat characters are compensated by great visuals and an incredibly talented special FX team that perfectly combines practical and CG effects to engulf you in the world of ‘The Dead’.

The characters are not overly engaging and the plot is far from ground breaking but in the same breath the story is solid the acting is acceptable and overall it is a zombie movie that is worth a watch for fans of the genre like myself who pride themselves on watching everything.

If you are a fan of the zombie genre then The Dead is well worth a rental or at the very least if your not sure watch for it to appear on Netflix.


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