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December 12th, 2018

Chronicle Movie Review

Going in to CHRONICLE I had decent expectations. I was hoping for an enjoyable movie but not really much else. It’s the best way to apprach these movies that you have no idea of how they’re going to be. When the film started I knew it was going to be what I had hoped for. It only took 30 minutes for the film to surpass my expectations.

The story follows three high school students who stumble upon a hole in the ground. Inside they discover a large red rock, possibly alien, that begins sending out a loud high pitch sound, and soon their noses begin to bleed and the cave starts collapsing. We don’t see them escape, but they do manage to do so. The next few scenes we are treated with the three of them discovering their newfound powers; picking up legos wth their minds, manipulating baseballs through the air.

As the movie progresses their power experiments increase. Their power, like a muscle, gets stronger the more they use it. Soon they’re moving cars and eventually giving us one of the most fun scenes you’ll see all year, their discovery that they can fly. Seriously, the scene of the three of them flying will leave you sad that you yourself cannot fly.

CHRONICLE chose to follow the “found-footage” style of filming that have become so popular within the last few years with movies like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and CLOVERFIELD. I went in thinking that this whole style would get tiring but it didn’t. CHRONICLE pulled it off extremely well. It was helped by its three stars Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell, and Dane DeHaan who all put forth a good and believable performance. Michael B. Jordan’s character becomes a fan favorite of the film.

Max Landis’ script deserves a lot of praise as well. The hardest part, in my opinion, of doing a found-footage movie is getting the dialogue to sound real, and not like something you’d seen from a large production type of movie. With a found-footage movie it’s got to feel like it is really happening or had happened already. That’s the whole point of the genre. Max Landis does this without flaw.

Another praise worth mentioning of Landis’ script is that the movie never slows down. From the first minute to the last you only become more interested in what’s going to happen as you see it develop on screen. You know what’s going to happen and when it does it doesn’t disappoint. There is no point in in the movie where it is safe to leave the theater for a chance to take a leak. Hold it in, bro.

The end of CHRONICLE leaves you completely satisfied yet wanting more at the same time. I want more. I want more time with these characters and their story. At the same time I don’t want a sequel, though. I feel that it would diminish the value of the film if it wasn’t done correctly. But that’s not important right now.

I loved this movie. From beginning to end it was thoroughly satisfying and great. Like banana pudding. Go see this movie.


  1. I saw this and hated it!  It was stupid.  The special effects were so silly, it reminded me of a low budget foreign movie.    The violence was out of control and the acting was horrible!  save money, do not see this!  Whoever reviewed this movie and liked it needs to be retrained!

  2. Y2flax

    It was great. Sorry Pam, maybe you need retraining.

  3. yo a kitty

    I love this movie this “PAM” person doesn’t know shit. Its a great film and everyone should watch it.

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