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June 21st, 2018

Akira Live Action Movie Trailer

Akira is one movie that fans of the manga have been patiently waiting for over the years. It has had many milestones including recent talk of casting of Kristen Stewart, Ken Watanabee and Tim Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter.

Unfortunately though after the budget for AKIRA ballooned out of control Warner Brothers closed down the Vancouver production offices. A fan has seen fit to make the point once again that big budgets do not mean great movies. This was shown by Alex Ferrari and his film Red Princess Blues & Broken.

It was once again recently demonstrated by Ben Howdehell with his incredibly short film Project SERA and just in case I have not made enough points yet we have Aaron Sims Short film Archetype that puts just about every modern sci-fi action film to shame.

The point is that Big Budgets do not translate into great films anymore then great titles whether they are Manga or Graphic novels really need big budgets. Do it right with a great upcoming cast and great writers and the budget will take care of itself. Checkout Fabien Dubiou’s fantastic AKIRA Movie Trailer to see my case and point.

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