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April 21st, 2019

Act of Valor Movie Review

There isn’t a single doubt in my mind that it takes a lot of courage and skill to do what the Navy SEALs as depicted in ACT OF VALOR do. I have respect for these individuals for what they do and I have no large complaints about the use of real Navy SEALs in the film. That being said, before the film played the filmmakers had a short reel explaining the choice to use the real deal here to inject realism into the events- a realism that is there at times, but also a tendency to sound wooden and forced. I applaud ACT OF VALOR for its intention more than I can for the overall execution.

A handful of real active duty Navy SEALs star and are tasked with rescuing a kidnapped DEA agent. During the rescue they acquire a cell phone that their intel manages to crack and uncover an even darker terrorist plot. From there it’s a race against time to track down the mastermind of the plot and stop the threat from reaching the United States.

ACT OF VALOR credits itself not just with using real Navy SEALs, but also live ammunition during some of the scenes. It’s a cool idea and a great way to market a film and if the live ammo aspect is indeed true it does add to some of the visceral thrills. However, the utilization of the real SEALs does sometimes make the dialogue seem natural and at times they even do a pretty good job for untrained actors- but more often than not the acting dips to stiff and unnatural. It’s not a huge knock especially if you’re mostly on board with just watching how realistic or accurate the military lingo and strategies are.

As action movies go ACT OF VALOR is neither cream of the crop or bottom of the barrel. It does however hover somewhere in the middle- the acting brings it down a bit, the film jumps all over the place and the action itself is at time hard to follow. When the camera isn’t shaking like they were filming in an earthquake or cutting back and forth barely giving one time to comprehend what’s happening there are some very cool shots. The rescue scene early on is very well done and very tense. Some of the middle scenes and end scenes are harder to get into because the camera never focuses as long an anything in particular quite like the initial rescue scene. The redemption comes in when some pretty cool Doom-esque first person shooter scenes come into play.

As someone with no military background I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the way the missions go down or the orders and strategies the characters take but I can say they seemed pretty on the nose. As with most military style films there’s a lot of terms and lingo that are basically like hearing a foreign language without subtitles. In this regard I just had to take the film at face value and with that perspective it worked just fine.

ACT OF VALOR has action, it has violence and it even has some laughs. It’s a shame that some messy editing and camera styles left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. The acting I can overlook in exchange for some of the cooler action scenes but the fractured structure lends greatly to my mixed feelings towards it. The characters are likable, some of the action looks really cool and there are some creative camera shots so overall ACT OF VALOR isn’t a waste of time, but isn’t entirely memorable either.


  1. secubit

    Do you have any views on this movie as it relates to government propaganda?

    • Wadffj

      There is always one.

    • Waterman

      Uhh yeah your gay, the government has a big conspiracy it is to show you how gay you are, did they succeed ?

      • what

         **you’re. did you not take anything from that (shitty) public school education your shit country offers?

        • Vivalabuck92

          It can be you are or you’re. Abbreviating is an option not a requirement. Think before attempting to be an internet, auto correcting asshole.

        • SethJ

          screw you america is the best country on earth

          • “screw you america is the best country on earth”
            Lmao(: you’re such a dufus. omitting a comma in your jingoistic post just you look like an  enemy (or flipping ) of the country claim to love so much. EPIC FAIL!
            You come across as one those mindless zombies who chants U-S-A for no good reason (football games, during ‘limbaugh’)

          • Poor David

            Funny that someone who can be such a critic on grammar doesn’t use a first-word capital letter, unfinished sentences, and adds spaces where they shouldn’t be…  “omitting a comma in your jingoistic post just you look like an  enemy … of the country claim to love so much.”  Who sounds like an idiot now, David?

            Who are you to bag one someone who loves their country and chants U-S-A without, you yourself, knowing why they do so?  Did you ever serve?  I would guess that you didn’t, nor do you know anyone who has – but that would be speculation and would be wrong for me to accuse you of that.  So I’ll follow your recipe for insults:

            I suppose you can get back to shitting on cop cars, waiting for your next welfare check or non-earned tax return, like the rest of the 49.5% of you lazy assholes who expect other people to take care of you.  Enjoy a life filled with mediocrity, jack-ass.

          • Tykoist

            Well put Seth!!

          • USN TM2

            Poor David, coming from a veteran of the United States Navy (NOT a SeAL, I couldn’t do it), thank you for taking a stand.  That was awesome.  I wish more people would stand up to people like him.  Maybe we could become the America that our Founding Fathers dreamed that we would be.


            Poor David, yes ty. You encapsulated exactly what I want to say on most days to the people who take our country for granted.

            I work as a driver for the Hollywood types, and while I’m grateful for the work that these people provide the company I work, they invariably are the ones who promote the liberal agenda.

            I of course have to keep my mouth shut most of the time, but my God, my family, my country are still things for which I’d die.

            The people who practice that ethnic DAILY so I can go to work and raise two little girls with my wife are to be commended.

            I’m sick and tired of the whiners and takers of this society who have time to protest while most of us just have to go to work. If it weren’t for a lot of people in that so called 1% many chauffeurs wouldn’t have jobs. Those people provide income to thousands.

            Where are the protests of all the money that was handed out to Obama’s pet company’s, like Solyndra?

            The government propaganda is that this President is doing what he said he would do while gas skyrockets and unemployment is still above 8%. (He said it would never go above 8% with the stimulus, and where did that money go by the way?)

            It is not propaganda to finally show a movie that is AUTHENTIC.

          • knpatriot


          • brandon

            I’d say thier jelous cause thier military is shit and ares would whoop thier ass America all day u stupid spooks

          • Really????

            Please don’t post if you are unable to spell.  Stick to banjo playing.

      • Second1

        why not mention government propagandism. your comment indicates that you are not prepared. The policy of the american security apparatus is captured by international banking and corporate interests. If you cannot decipher that fact on your own, you are in denial.

        The American military does not serve the american people; soon it will act against them. An oath to protect the constitution, yet idiots like yourself make fun of those who question why these oaths are ignored and the liberties of future generations traded away for a bowl of stew..

        Enjoy your meal.

        • Coastiesprincess

          Really dude?? Go fuck yourself my husband works with the Navy he is in the USCG and is deployed they don’t server us really?? How about you can take your happy ass overseas since your so prepared and stand if front of those bullets instead of bashing the ones who are defending you so you can sit on your butt and make opinionated comments

    • Proud American

       Are you serious?  Are you some liberal wing nut?  Be proud of our all volunteer military.

  2. Rajahdodger

    Apparently the filmmakers got the participation of the Navy from having made a recruiting video for them.

  3. Some movies insist on acting as if the 80’s and delta farce never happened. 

    Thank god for tea-baggers and other gun freaks.

    • Proud American

       I feel sorry for you David. How did you survive high school getting beat up everyday?  It must have been traumatic for you.  You should probably move to France or Canada and live out the rest of your miserable liberal life.  You would be much happier and less hateful.  If you want, I can send you a link to Google maps so you can find Canada.

  4. Anonnoonnomis

    sOW i totallie understandes how persons feal aboot sintense struckchers and speling. How be movie: go two it or Red Bocks it. 

  5. Clifford the Big Red Dog

    “As someone with no military background I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the way the missions go down or the orders and strategies the characters take but I can say they seemed pretty on the nose.” Not to be a prick, but that’s just to damn funny. As far as the movie goes, it’s good to see SWCCs finally getting some recognition. Now let’s see how many new posers come out of the wood work, or existing ones add to their already impressive resumes.

    • Anonymous

      It is good to see the boat guys getting some much needed recognition. I am glad the Navy made it a career path with specialized training. It sucked when good men where sent back to fleet back in the day because a detailer in DC could not fathom the operational experience that was lost everytime they rotated a good sailor out of the community.

  6. Anonymous

    My impressive resume; Former member of NAVSPECWARGRP8 Republic of Panama (SEAL Team 4, SBU-26, NAVSCIATTS, NAVINTL 168.8 as a component of JSOC-SOUTH that included the 5th and 7th SF 2nd Marine Recon US Naval Station Rodman, FT. Sherman and Ft. Davis. Ok that is my “poser” resume. I haven’t seen this film, the quality of the film makes no difference to me. I am sure that the SEALs used in the movie did not give away any operational aspects that could not be found in 3rd rate North Carolina adventure training course operated by someone that used to be a SF something or other. I am going to go see the film just to contribute to a possible OSCAR win, because it would be great to see a bunch of real FROGS standing on the stage at the Kodak theatre over looking a sea of liberalism that way dipshits like Sean Penn and Danny Glover can get an up close and personal look at real men who understand what it means to love and defend a country while the soft assed cry babies protest our freedom.
    To the guy who seems to like America. I am guessing that your dumb ass must be from France, Canada or some other place that wants to be like America but doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a Democracy and a Democratic Republic nor has a population that has enough ass to stand up and say “Give me freedom or I will get up and get it myself”. If you are in the United States, please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. If you are in your own country, stay there and never visit mine. We have enough liberal stench as it is. You are a cowardly and God is watching.

    “The cowards never started and the weak die along the way” HOOYAH.

    • Harveyts3

      I loved that. Also if you have not watched Action Figure Therapy I suggest you do so at your earliest convince it is available on YouTube. It is good intentioned inappropriate humor… 

    • Boltongd31

      HooYah!! Well said

    • Divadoll1965

      oh my God! Thank you for posting! the statement entirely! Hooah!

    • The Camillian

      Right on brother!!!, I served in the Marines, Navy and Army. My commander was EOD and I trained with him in San Diego, Coronado Island. Those non-America FN’ retards don’t have a clue because they all run and hide and call on the USA to get them out of the shit every time. HOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rr

      Bad ass! That’s all I got to say bud. agreed……if you don’t like our country go shit on some other counter country’s lawn. Too much blood has been spilled for our great nation to be run by cowards that don’t even know how to fire a .22 revolver. Get out!!

    • Qrtas

      Clubberofseals for President!

    • Sailor mom

      Amazing post!  Thank you, my son is on his first deployment on a Submarine right now as I speak and I could not be more proud of him. He is my heart and a great asset to the Navy and has made his community and family very proud. Bless all the young souls who serve this country, day in and day out, away from their loved ones, very often in harms way, and tough it out to keep our country safe.. Thanks to all vets and supporters of the US NAVY!

      “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” -George Orwell
      U.S. Submarine Force, Established April 11, 1900 

  7. Anonymous

    I created this profile, because I ran across the page while looking for a theatre close to me that has the film. I decided to respond because the review that was given was extremely lacking and the it seemed like the author went to the film just to write a review as a function of a job, Then I read some of the comments and just had to give a reply. I may never visit here again.
    So that being said. I will offer a smart crisp salute to all the men and women who have served, who are serving and who will take up the oath in the future. Thank you for your service to this great nation. To everyone who has never taken up that cause greater then themselves in the great struggle of freedom. I will let you in on a little secret. It does not matter what your job is in the military as every function contributes to the greater good of the mission. Everyone in the military stands a post to protect and serve the Constitution. A Constitution is like no other in the world and that my friends is the difference and what makes the United States so exceptional. Pray for Peace but prepare for war. These men and women are all that stands between our way of life and the evil that is at the gates. The majority of non-veteran Americans do not know what poor is, nor do they know what sacrafice really means.

    • Johnny

       Hear, hear.  As I look back on my military time, I have been witness to what true poverty really is. Haiti,
      eastern Africa, Iraq, and very soon…Afghanistan, except for the
      later, I have seen sadness and deprivation on a monumental scale. When I
      was in Haiti, Portia Prince, I would look up along the ridge line and
      see malt i-million dollar homes, and down by the harbor at sea level…a
      cardboard box. You either had everything or a cardboard box, nothing in between. Even on welfare, I would venture to say, our citizens have it better than 90% of the world’s population. Be thankful for what you have…”No prays for peace more than a Soldier,” was never more a truer saying in my life. I draw close to the end of my time in, and I wish I could take away some of the things I have seen and experienced…but than I think, who would teach the young? It is the responsibility of those that are experienced to pass the knowledge and pray for peace…but keep that rifle ready, that’s for damn sure.

      • Johnny

         Sorry about the grammar and what not (just woke up). This how the comment should have read:

        Hear, hear.  As I look back on my military time, I have been witness to what true poverty really is. Haiti, eastern Africa, Iraq, and very soon…Afghanistan, except for the later, I have seen sadness and deprivation on a monumental scale. When I
        was in Haiti, Portia Prince, I would look up along the ridge line and
        see malt i-million dollar homes, and down by the harbor at sea level…a

        cardboard box. You either had everything or a cardboard box, nothing in
        between. Even on welfare, I would venture to say, our citizens have it
        better than 90% of the world’s population. Be thankful for what you
        have…”No one prays for peace more than a Soldier,” was never a more truer
        saying in my life. I draw close to the end of my time in, and I wish I
        could take away some of the things I have seen and experienced…but
        then I think, who would teach the young? It is the responsibility of
        those that are experienced to pass the knowledge and pray for
        peace…but keep that rifle ready, that’s for damn sure.

    • Stephanie0521

      My son is a U.S. Marine, God bless him and all our troops for what they endure every day to protect our freedoms. It is very difficult to be with your family member as they deploy once again to serve this GREAT country not knowing what to expect for them. I, as many family members and friends, am beyond words proud of him and all of our brave men and women. May they stay safe and may we remember every day what they do for us. Semper Fi baby, Hooyah and amen to Clubberofseals, well said my friend!!

      • knpatriot

        Please thank your son for knpatriot. Thank you for your sacrifice and his. Everytime I see someone in uniform, if I can get to them, they are going to get a handshake and a thank you and a meal paid for if possible. God Bless our Country, it’s Soldiers. Marines, Airmen,Coast Guard and National Guard!

    • Concerned Citizen

      Well said and thank you for serving.  Although I have not served myself several members of my family have.  However, I will continue to love and serve my country by weighing in and supporting intelligent posts like yours.  Together we must continue to combat the media and the incredible amount of ill-advised liberals out there who would be the first to hide behind you for their protection.  Keep up the fight, my friend.  And to the rest of you who believe our constitution has served us well, Obama’s money and media associations have put trolls on every site to push their liberal agenda.  They understand social engineering and are using it to “social engineer” conservative and constitutional blogs.  You can serve your country by writing back and calling liberal bloggers out.  Stay on the media’s case to report all the news.  Case in point, I was listening to 96.9 in Boston the day after Romney’s big wins in Arizona and Michigan. Romney is a Boston guy, by default that makes it a big story.  So, I did my own experiment and channel surfed to see who was reporting the events.  Even NPR reported on the wins.  However, the Jim & Marjorie show talked about the WEATHER for over 30 minutes! The Weather!  It’s New England, it snows – that is not 30 minutes of news. It was painfully obvious that they were not going to talk about the biggest news story of the day because of their personal agenda.  This is what we are up against.  Keep writing, call those radio stations, and get in their face.  We are in a fight for this country.  It may not be with arms, but it certainly lies with the enemy within that is holding court in our Whitehouse.  

  8. youmakemesick

    For all of you that have nothing better to do than correct grammar and bash the country that has provided you the freedom and safety to comment on this movie try living in Syria. They kill people & children who criticize the govt. After that go thank a soldier, old or young for providing you the freedom to even watch a movie.

    • John

      The morons that bash this country I bet they would not have the courage to do it in public except when there are more of them around, like the idiots that call themselves occupy wall street.  

  9. Me

    Wow all that just to read about a movie… really
    people? Either we have some really bored people or some very angry people out
    there… good lord, relax everyone its Friday after all… and I don’t care
    about my grammar or punctuation or spelling… this isn’t a college essay it’s a
    friggen comment…

    Oh and, might I add, God bless America; if you
    don’t believe in God well then… that’s ok too… its your choice and your

    • Me

      … and God bless all our fredom loving men and woman and their families risking their lives out there for our freedom and the way of live we have all come to expect, misspellings, incorrect grammar, punctuation, and all…

      • Kat

        i could not agree with u more!;)

      • Second1

        your delusional if you think these people fight for “freedom”. they fight for their careers. and the agenda behind making modern warfare is always for corporate gains that have NOTHING to do with americans, freedom, or the constitution.

        quit blowing the support our troops spew out there; get real.

        • Db

          I beg to differ.  YOU are the delusional one.  Why don’t you educate yourself a little.  Here, I’ll even help you get started.

  10. Sealfrog

    Why is this tool giving such a great movie half a star. A great movie for anyone who respects the men who defend our country.

  11. SEAL

    The author of the review can suck a dick.

  12. Albiej

    I don’t agee with some people’s feeling about my country, but I fought for freedom of speech.   

  13. Anonymous

    I don’t expect professional doers to be much good at pretending.

  14. Randombros219

    does the movie have any nasty scenes

  15. Spec4

    the old adage applies……..
    Opinions are just like Assholes….everyone has one.

    US ARMY Veteran.

  16. Mr. Universe

    Love it or leave it.

  17. Mclaw10

    Inspiring…only movie i’ve paid for in several years that was actually worth it.  God Bless the SEALS, our military and their families!!!

  18. Eb448

    Would you take a five yr old to the movie? Or is it gruesome? Maybe he can cover his eyes????

  19. NoBamaNation

    Saw it, loved it.  God Bless our Troops and all who served.  (Liberals: go take a friggin’ hike. We all already know you hate America.  GTFO.)

  20. Samantha Thomas

    Dear Lord, some of you people posting on here have the maturity level of a turnip!! Congratulations!! You corrected someone elses grammar!! You move to the head of.. what? NOTHING!! This is the grown up world so GROW UP!! Why don’t you thank the men and women who serve EVERY DAY that retain your right to post inanane BS on a public forum in secrecy because you wouldn’t dare have the balls to do so in public. You wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to do 1/10th of what those men do every day but you can be a yapping lap dog behind a keyboard. Only 0.045% of the American population have served in the military in the last 10 years and I’m damn proud to say I have and so has my husband, who is overseas now. If you don’t like America, leave. I’m sure there’s some communist country somewhere needing targets to practice on 😉

    • Stephanie0521

      God love you Samantha for saying it like it is! Thank you and your husband for your service to this great country, your courage and bravery shown every day is more then most people can wrap their heads around. I wish your husband a safe and speedy return and all our troops the safety of being on homeland soon and being in their families arms. God bless all of you!

    • jesusphreak

      Are you insane? I’m sorry but you aren’t overseas fighting for our country are you? No? So shouldn’t you shut up too? The point is, IT IS FUCKING IRRELEVANT. You are appealing to authority. It is a fallacious argument, so stop using it! Why do soldiers and people who have family members who are soldiers think they are special? You are an idiot, frankly. Soldiers are idiots. You’re all fucking ass backwards retarded in so many ways… it’s insane! You do know that soldiers are essentially just tools for politicians’ games, don’t you? Your husband may die because of some conflict that has nothing to do with you, nor does it have anything to do with defending some archaic and intangible American way of life, which in itself is a fabricated thing. It’s a lie to deceive us, and you are willing to let some men with a lot of money gain more power through the risk of your family’s lives. 

      That is wrong in so many ways.The military would be something glorious and wonderful if it served the people and protected our interests. Instead it secures the reign of evil men, men who oppress minorities and pervert spiritual and cultural things that we hold sacred to their own advantage. They will prevail with their children and heirs because of your ignorance and stupidity. Thank you! Thank you so much for making that future where your children and your children’s children are wage slaves to this oppressive system. Thank you for standing up for nothing other than stupid shit like this. I’m sorry if I do not agree that all dissent should be couched and then promptly garroted, bagged, and thrown in the quarry like so much human refuse.

      If anyone is a lapdog or a tool, it is you…

  21. My husband served 25 years, as did his family. His children learned to not expect holidays on any specific day, it just depended on when Dad was home. The missed birthdays and baseball games may sting emotionally but as adults now it gives them a great sense of pride now understanding what he did for us and for his country.

  22. My husband and his family served for 25 years, years of not knowing where he was (pre internet) sometimes an occasional phone call,the sleepless nights. His children grew up with Christmas in July because that’s when he was home. The missed birthdays and baseball games stung when they were younger but now as adults they take pride in more fully understand the job he did for us and his country. It wasn’t to further a career it was because the mission always came first.I knew that when I married a man with courage and honor. I have not seen this movie yet but I will go out of pride alone and I will go alone because my husband is still off defending his country, it doesn’t always stop at retirement. I too greet every serviceman with a hand shake and a “Thank You for your courage” and I say a silent prayer for them and their families as they keep vigil working to keep the home a home for them to return to. So for those of you who keep posting this nonsense, please keep doing so for it makes the rest of us just laugh, and we can all use a good laugh. But for those of us who still have boots on the ground (as I do) help whatever organization you can to help them come home safely, and for everyone have the decency to say a prayer or a thank you for everyone who did not return ( I have those too ). Help a military family who has someone deployed if you can, mow a lawn, rake some leaves and do it because someone in that home is doing what you are not,,,,fighting for the right for you to post whatever you want here, try doing this in any other country….I couldn’t post something last year in Mexico……it’s not that far away.

  23. Anonymous

    I loved this movie and disagree whole-heartedly……I loved that they used real men instead of someone like Leanardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon or some other turd who couldnT kick the shit out of half the women they date……so what if these guys can’t act….what is acting anyway? let’s see leonardo or Matt or Brad Pitt stand there and take bullet after bullet to the chest in real life and then see how good the reviews are after they bleed out!

    • John

      I don’t watch movies for propaganda full of brainwashed meathead soldiers. I watch movies for good stories and inspired acting.

      Some people think taking a bullet for your country is difficult. Actually, it only requires you to be an idiot. The most courage comes with following your own dreams and ideas, not running blindly with the herd like cattle to the slaughter.

      We are all going to die. You don’t need bullets whizzing by your head to live with honor and courage.

      • Chuck Farley

        Guys like John here suffer from a common affliction among lefties – thinking that calling other people stupid, makes you smarter.

        Ironically, guys like John also don’t understand the kind of intellect required to be a Navy Seal is well into the top percentiles, in terms of IQ. Remember, IQ is actually representative of you ability to solve “new” problems, not just do the same thing over and over again. Navy SEALS are incredibly intellectual people, and they combine that ability to be intellectual with a level of resolve and courage that a guy like John simply cannot comprehend.

        Guys like John hate the kind of respect and admiration that Navy SEALS earn from  most of us, for the same reason they hate a successful business owner, or someone who achieves more than them in life. But the SEALS earn a special place of contempt from guys like John, because those soldiers really represent a pinnacle of personal achievement, and more importantly – because so many people have the utmost respect for them.

        Sorry John, respect is earned, not given.

        • John

          Looks like I hit a nerve. The truth hurts. Soldiers are brainwashed meatheads. They deserve the respect of a well-trained animal, for wasting human intelligence marching around in the desert pretending to be heroes. I feel sorry for young men and women who get sucked into this propaganda. War isn’t noble, nor is it a video game. It causes more pointless harm than good.

          • Obonzo

            I’m guessing you’re a gender studies major.

          • Iran over arock

            ….while occupying mom’s cabana.

          • Jeffmartin

            Getting rid of all the resentment and aggression on the internet instead of up fron and personal are you John. We don’t need anti war lectures from bed wetting wankers who want and require others to do the dirty work for them and then insult them. I feel sorry for bitter sick people like you who call themselves men because they wear long pants. You would not make a pimple on a service mans ass.

      • B.L. Owme

        John is a faggart….likes watching movies that fulfills his fantasy of taking a big one up the chute.  Likes labeling others as idiots while being one himself.  Has a warped sense of courage embodied in dreams (likely wet ones) and lunatic fringe adventurism.  The epitome of cowardly ignorance.

    • Coolmomm1014

      You are absolutely right!! I just came back from seeing the movie and I was blown away by what our SEALs do and what they go through. While we’re all asleep in our cozy little beds in safe little suburbia, these guys are out doing what we can’t even imagine. I thought the acting was fine. Someone posted that the film was hard to follow, but I had no problem with the story line or the quick movement of the camera. The audience just has to pay close attention, and quit texting during the movie. I thought the movie was great and the actors deserve an academy award or oscar or whatever for doing a fine job, not only of acting, but more importantly for representing our country with such respect, honor, courage and dignity as they do in real life. These “actors” are not really actors anyway; consider it the SEALs own reality show. Thank you USN for allowing us, the citizens you protect every day to have a glimpse into your everyday lives. God bless you all and God bless America!!!

  24. Fyrman2007

    Very good must see . If you or know anyone in seals or special ops this will make cry and gives respect to men and women in armed service .

  25. Wow, so many people with so little to do but berate each other in a film review comment section. Anyone want to actually comment on the review or the movie, if you have seen it?

  26. Debrarose

    Act of Valor: GREAT movie. Honorable Men, and, YES, the CIA woman as well. Many people forget the civilian Gov. workers who put their life on the line every day for our country. The civilian critics who are saying anything negative about this movie should be ashamed of themselves. These are real life Navy Seals who were gracious and strong enough to allow us into a very minor glimpse of what they do on a daily basis for our freedoms. No, they are not actors, they are BETTER THAN THAT. They are REAL MEN WHO HAVE SACRIFICED EVERYTHING FOR US, INCLUDING THEIR LIVES. I have a few Navy Seal friends, and I would trust any one of them with my life and words. One retired, whom I have the utmost respect and regard for and consider him a very dear friend and someone who would have my 6. The others, active, I cannot mention their names, but think the world of. Shame on anyone who would not give this movie credit for such honorable men, activities and their way of life to protect us. While you take care of your kids, watch their activities, go see a movie, live your life daily, these men are missing most of this to ensure our safety….I commend them, I admire them, I respect them and I thank them for agreeing to be involved in a movie which is allowing others to see what their world is really like, and not the world most people live in on a daily basis..and to anyone who does not agree with these deployments…if a terrorist or terrorist cell were to make its way into your home, your family or your life, you would PRAY that a military team is somewhere close by……

  27. Anonymous

    I read a few more comments here and some of these comments are from people with little understanding about the nature of the beast of war. I am a veteran who has served in combat operations in many different environments for many different reasons under 3 different Presidents. I am not brainwashed nor am I a brain dead meathead as someone put it in an earlier post. There is nothing glamorous about combat or the taking of another human life. I have no notches cut out anywhere for the bodies I have left in the wake of carnage I helped to create. No shadow boxes on the wall to display trinkets pinned upon my chest no bumper stickers or jackets with patches. If you sat next to me in bar, you would never know that I served in military special operations for 14 years of a 22 year career in the Navy. I am not big enough to be a jock and I hold a Masters degree in physics and a Bachelors in psychology. For my age I am in better shape then men half my age. I still get up early and run 5 miles and swim 40 laps in an Olympic size pool. It bothers me that there are those who will come out and make silly uneducated comments about people and a life they themselves know very little about. We did not start these wars. Our policy did not start these wars and terrorism did not begin on 09-11-2001. Every American has a right to spew whatever nonsense they like. There will come a day when idiots like this John fellow and the writer of this review will be asking where are the keepers of the gates to protect their dumb asses. Perhaps Oliver Stone or some other Hollywood liberal pretender that makes their living portraying honorable service with blanks, stunt doubles and explosive squibs will step up to the plate and offer their experience and dedication to keep him free. I think not.

    The film was good and had a great deal of accuracy within the operational life of those who have an undersatnding of freedom and the need to protect the American way of life. Anyone who has any knowledge of history and how United States came to be as well as some worldly travel time under their belts outside the tourist areas can attest to why we are the way we are and not just another second rate Democracy. We damn sure don’t do it for the money. I would recommend that John and the aurthor of the review take some time and pick up some history books and do some reading. Reading in this country is virtually free. Educate yourselves and then go do some traveling off the beat and path of tourists. You will be truley enlightened.  

  28. Jeffmartin254

    “..not in the service..”   Eat your heart out clown.

  29. Sherrywright57

    neither… nor* 

  30. awsome movie u must watch it go here………..

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