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July 16th, 2018

Aaron Sims SciFi Short Film Archetype Is Stunning!

Aaron Sims Sci-Fi Short Film Archetype

Aaron Sims is a name you will want to note and not forget. This is a man that will very soon be the next big thing in Hollywood. Whether he will be a one hit wonder or something more I can not say. I can however say with confidence that Aaron Sim’s Sci-Fi short film ARCHETYPE is one of the best shorts I have ever seen.

Neil Blomkomp got his shot in Hollywood after making a short film called Jo’Burg and Aaron Sims has developed a short film that is equally as good.

Now its worth noting that Aaron Sims is not some average joe. He owns an FX company and has worked on everything from Green Lantern to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and is a very talented special effects designer.

This movie could be the one to move him from FX guru to feature film maker. Watch the short below, do you believe that Archetype would make a great feature film?


  1. Ryan Walsh

    It dose look really good. But I believe they may have cheaped out on some parts. Certainly District 9 is one of my favorites, and I do see a scene in this clip that is very much taken from the movie, which isn’t impressive. It dose feel slightly low budget. I dont see this movie at all being explosive hype as District 9 was(Or Original). The character props and sets look nice. From the battle scene I felt the war scene but I seen alot better. District 9 footage was alot more thrilling.

    Anyway. Not only that the alien/mechanical character voice is not that appealing and dosnt suit the character,

  2. Ryan Walsh

    If you made that creature sound like a protose, then ya.

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