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February 23rd, 2019

8 Movies That Should Be Getting Oscars In 2012

People all over the world will be sitting down to watch the Oscars on February 26, 2012 for one reason or another. Some will be watching to see if their favorite movie, actor, actress, musician or writer gets some well deserved attention and others to see just what kind of train wreck we are in for. It’s gotten to the point that the Oscars are more of a joke than the example of what is truly great about cinema. I can recognize many of the great films that are getting their time to shine but far too often great movies, actors and writers are left out of the experience for one reason or another and I feel this year there have been several criminal omissions and inclusions.

I also wait for the day that the horror genre gets taken seriously during the awards ceremony because far too often are great horror movies discriminated against during the Oscars and when they do get their time to shine it’s in a terrible montage that includes clips from the TWILIGHT series which is as much horror as A SERBIAN FILM is a feel good slice of life for the whole family.

Below you will find a list of movies that I feel were overlooked for certain Oscar considerations and what or who deserved the Oscar. In no way shape or form do I anticipate anyone to agree 100%, but the following are movies and people I feel should have at least been considered and at the very least nominated and stand to be just as valid as some of the awful choices that were made this year. I’m looking at you EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE and as much as I loved MONEYBALL, even I can say that while I did like and still like Jonah Hill I know for a fact there could be some much better choices for Best Supporting Actor.

Drive – Where do I start? Probably the one film with the largest amount of snubs in this year’s ceremony is DRIVE. Easily a film that could be nominated in place of EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE for Best Picture. Drive should have also at the very least had Albert Brooks in the Best Supporting category and maybe a little less so for the lead actor with Ryan Gosling. Lastly, Nicolas Winding Refn snubbed for directing- the opening scene alone I feel would justify why he should be nominated.

Super 8 – I personally loved SUPER 8 but I’m not going to sit here blow smoke up its ass by saying it is Best Picture material- I will however say that Elle Fanning was fantastic and deserved consideration as Best Supporting Actress. Would she have won over some of the other names in the category, probably not, but she has several emotionally driven scenes and even the moment before the train crash where they were supposed to be rehearsing was better than it had any right to be.

Attack The Block – I think ATTACK THE BLOCK is a film I will be pumping until the day I die no matter how many people call me crazy for loving it as much as I do. Again, I won’t try to fool myself into sneaking into Best Picture or many other categories, but the score was phenomenal and I even think the special effects were pretty awesome. Probably not up to the standards of the Oscars, but I refuse to let my favorite movie of 2011 not get a nauseating amount of praise by the time I kick the bucket.

The Muppets – Okay- I realize THE MUPPETS is indeed nominated for Best Song- which I’m excited about- but I would have rather had “Life’s A Happy Song” in its place or in addition to the nominees. There’s only two after all which is ridiculous enough that only two songs were good enough to be considered in an entire year’s worth of movies. I have to admit, that “Life’s A Happy Song” is in regular rotation on my iPod and I get a very concerning amount of perplexed looks from my wife when it comes on and I start tapping and singing along with it. It’s song that really does just make me happy when I listen to it and I wish it had been recognized.



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