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May 22nd, 2018

Von Diesel Returns As Riddick In New Set Photo

I remember loving PITCH BLACK back when it was released, mainly because the character of Riddick was insanely awesome. I have yet to see CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK and haven’t played any of the games based on him, but I remain a fan of the character in general. Every so often movies just fly under my radar and enough time passes where if I don’t jump on it right away it gets lost in the shuffle when I’m trying to catch up on all the newer movies getting released and CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is a victim of that so far. I may get around to seeing it before the movie from the following set photo actually comes out, but until then I can look back fondly at my own memories of the character I loved from PITCH BLACK.

Here is the set photo presumably from the set of the newest Riddick sequel which was posted on Diesel’s Facebook page. Make of it what you will and feel free to discuss below. No other details accompanied the photo besides the text underneath that included “P.S. One from the set.”

Via: Facebook, /Film



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