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June 18th, 2018

Trailer Premiere For The American Version Of Silent House

I know there has to be a click out there that refuses to see or just outright hates the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies- I know because I’ve seen and had people tell me themselves how much they dislike them or were let down by them. Well for that section of an audience looking for a different type of haunted house film I would point them in the direction of LA CASA MUDA (THE SILENT HOUSE). This is a much different type of haunted house film from the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise and has some very effective scares, plus it has a cool gimmick to go along- it’s supposedly shot in one continuous take (Review HERE). I don’t know how many of you know this, but much like what happened with [REC] and QUARANTINED, LA CASA MUDA already has an American remake that has been filmed and even screened at Sundance. The film hits theaters this year and you can check out the first official trailer below.

At first glance I would say that the American version appears to capture a lot of the chills from the original, but also has a few new things I don’t remember being in LA CASA MUDA. The way the trailer is cut is pretty cool as well, employing a sort of slideshow effect at select points throughout. The film stars Elizabeth Olsen and the film is also being marketed as being shot in a continuous 88 minute shot. If you read my review of LA CASA MUDA you will see I questioned the validity of the film actually being one take and I direct the sameĀ suspicionsĀ at SILENT HOUSE. Regardless, I feel like if I hadn’t already watched LA CASA MUDA I may be a little more excited for this remake, but I am very curious to see how it stacks up to the original.

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  1. Argento

    It would probably be smart if the director decided to scrap the awful twist. The most disappointing ending to a movie since Switchblade Romance.

  2. SaCowl

    whos name is Argento, thats just wered. ps if eny one knows your on here then your life is over because of what im gonna say. Your name and probley you is wered and you face is probly mental.

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