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May 25th, 2018

Paramount Confirms Paranormal Activity 4

I don’t think this was ever in doubt but given the enormous success of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise to this point Paramount has released a statement that basically confirms their plans to continue the series this year. In the statement below you can see that along with several other releases they have on the block for 2012 that a new installment is definitely on the slate as well.

I have been a huge fan of the series since the first and have been following each of them very closely as I have not only reviewed each of them extremely favorably but have also included a recap before the third film was released and plot breakdowns after the sequels have made their way to the public and made predictions about where the story can go. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 was just released this passed October and was received with mixed reviews among critics and fans and several theatergoers felt duped after watching trailers and marketing for the film only to have little if any of that footage actually used in the final product- I loved the film and you can read my review here and the film also made it’s way to my best of list for 2011 which you can read here.

It remains to be seen where the series will go in the fourth installment but I will be there to find out when the film hits theaters.

Will you be excited to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4?


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