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May 24th, 2018

Luke’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2012


No sooner than 2011 comes to a close does it come time to look ahead to the vast number of hyped and anticipated releases of the new year. The first few months usually offer little in terms of extremely high quality movies that will be discussed come best of lists in December unless one just comes out of nowhere to surprise everyone. Below is a list of films that I personally am looking forward to seeing in 2012. They are in no particular order minus the first film as it’s my number one most anticipated movie of any coming year at this very moment.

At the end I will give a brief rundown of films I am not looking forward to seeing but will likely end up seeing at some point. Don’t write off these films completely though since my list of least anticipated movies last year included the FRIGHT NIGHT remake which is a film I really enjoyed once I got to see it.


The Dark Knight Rises – Much like THE DARK KNIGHT before its release, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES countdown to release haunts me every single day with how intensely I want to see the film. The vast amount of spy footage we’ve seen so far does not satisfy my thirst of content I want to see from this movie and the teaser posters and trailer only torture me more. I remain unconvinced that Bane will be a better villain than Heath Ledger’s Joker, but only time will tell if Tom Hardy can join the ranks of unforgettable villains.

The Cabin In The Woods – After being pushed back for quite some time this film was screened in front of the BNAT crowd to lots of rave reaction and has since been screened for critics that have also been quite kind to the film. The bad news is that they also say to avoid all trailers and footage and to go in fresh, which doesn’t help me and countless others who watched the trailer which surfaced well before any screenings. Regardless, I think the trailer was awesome and I cannot wait to see this one finally. [REVIEW HERE]

The Hunger Games – I have quite a bit of reservations regarding the big screen adaptation of the popular young adult series, but after the initial theatrical trailer I have to say some of them were eased a bit. I really like Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role, but we shall see if everyone else stacks up. The book series was pretty satisfying minus a pretty soft and unsatisfying ending, so I am pretty excited to see how this plays out on the big screen. [REVIEW HERE]

The Avengers – We’ve been building to this movie for the last few years with all the separate superhero movies like IRON MAN, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA- now they are all combined and ready to work together to save the world. The trailer for the film was pretty cool and I’m hoping by the time this comes out I won’t be completely sick of superhero movies- Batman is usually the only exception I can always go for a Batman movie the others can be hit and miss. [REVIEW HERE]

The Divide – 2012 may be the perfect year to hit us with all these end of the world apocalypse movies given the hype that we will be exposed to come December. THE DIVIDE has been getting a lot of good buzz from the screenings it has had at film festivals and the trailer looks to hint at some pretty tense and crazy activities in store for us come release day. [REVIEW HERE]

World War Z – I’m still in the process of finishing Max Brooks’ novel but of what I’ve read so far I have to say I’m pretty excited about the possibility of the film version. Granted it sounds like the film is going to be vastly different from the book, but on the concept alone I believe this could end up being a pretty great zombie apocalypse film. Reading the book I can easily tell why they would stray from filming the text as is but I do hope they do the novel justice.

The Corridor – Here’s a movie I knew absolutely nothing about until recently. I was skimming through some best of lists where some were listing best of 2012 movies they’ve already seen rather they be from film fests or screeners but this one stuck out. Similar to that of CABIN IN THE WOODS the set up seems to be somewhat generic but by the sounds of things this one could end up being something of a sleeper hit or destined for a cult following. [REVIEW HERE]

Kill List – Not a year goes by that I don’t buy into buzz from film festivals of movies getting great reception from the audiences. KILL LIST and YOU’RE NEXT are just two of the many movies buzzed over at film festivals that I cannot wait to see. Will the hype kill it for me, too early to tell. One thing is for sure, based on the trailer there’s really no way to adequately predict where KILL LIST is going to end up at the end, which from reports is pretty out there. From those who have seen it, the trailer doesn’t give too much away but most recommend knowing very little about it going in. [REVIEW HERE]

You’re Next – Lionsgate was nice enough to pick this one up and even nicer to make us all- who have not attended a film festival- wait until a likely October theatrical release in order to see it. Lots of people have had nothing but good things to say about YOU’RE NEXT- things like how funny it is or how gloriously violent it can be and how surprisingly fresh it is for a home invasion film. Lionsgate has a history of mishandling great titles when it comes to release unless it has SAW in the title or was made by Tyler Perry so we shall see just how wide YOU’RE NEXT goes later this year.

Livid – If you’re an INSIDE fan then you know why this one is here and most likely have included it in your own most anticipated list (if you make one that is). Another film fest movie that unlike KILL LIST and YOU’RE NEXT was met with lots of mixed reviews, but for those that liked it have had some pretty flattering words for it. LIVID looks to be a very different monster compared to INSIDE but the trailer has a lot of pretty insane looking things going down within it.

Prometheus – Last but not least Ridley Scott’s is-it-an-ALIEN-prequel-or-not, PROMETHEUS. The teaser was pretty awesome and I haven’t seen a whole lot of evidence that leads me away from believing this could be a prequel to ALIEN and on that possibility alone I’m pretty stoked. Add in a phenomenal cast including the awesome talents of Michael Fassbender and PROMETHEUS is either going to end up being a huge success or a heartbreaking disappointment- I’m not predicting much of a middle ground on this one. [REVIEW HERE]


Scary Movie 5


Men In Black III

Resident Evil: Retribution

Wrath Of The Titans

The Three Stooges


  1. Guest

    No Hobbit? This list is a fail because of that, but otherwise solid.

  2. Anonymous

    I have yet to check out the trailer for The Hobbit, once I do I might feel differently

  3. Van123

    your list is great but no hobbit that like gonna be the best peter jackson awsome

  4. Darkness232003

    who the hell made this list needs to get their heads check half of these movies are trash

  5. Lanky-man-16

    men in black 3 = awsome every1 has there own opinon yours SUCKS


    I agree with you lanky man, But I am also looking forward to the rath of the Titans. And whats the deal with the hobbits thing GEEKS

  7. Blondie

    men in black 3 :) love will smith and the cabin in the woods i do like a good horror. xxx


    Lukes a TWAT

  9. Webby-83

    Oh I haven’t yet seen the trailer for The Hobbit so therefore cannot decide.
    Fucking Dick Muncher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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