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May 25th, 2018

Death Wish Remake Writer/Director Announced

A remake/reboot of the Charles Bronson action flick DEATH WISH is apparently up and going and now there is news of a writer and director attached to the project. The name attached to the film is none other than Joe Carnahan whose name you should recognize from the reboot of THE A-TEAM but more recently the fantastic survival drama/thriller starring Liam Neeson, THE GREY. Carnahan will be tasked with both writing and directing the reboot for MGM and Paramount.

With the success and quality of Carnahan’s dark philosophical survival film THE GREY I was looking forward to seeing him continue along the path of bribing more original titles, but I’d be lying if I said his involvement in this latest reboot made me uninterested to see it. As much as I’d rather see an original film from Carnahan I’m still interested to see how he approaches this reboot. I’m predicting right now that Liam Neeson will likely take Bronson’s role since the two seem to have some chemistry rolling as of right now. I did enjoy Carnahan’s A-TEAM reboot even as brainless and ridiculous as it was and with the range he’s shown directing THE GREY I’m optimistic about the possibilities of his reboot for DEATH WISH.

What do you think of Carnahan writing and directing a reboot of DEATH WISH?

Via: LA Times


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