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April 24th, 2018

Who’s The Psycho? Lionsgate Remaking American Psycho

You have got to be kidding me! I haven’t gone completley nuts about the ridiculous amount of remakes being announced and filmed- hell, I’ve even liked a few of them. I want to say this news baffled me or angers me but I can’t because I never felt that way about any other remake that’s crossed my path because I want to give the film a chance to impress or disappoint me. That being said, I loved AMERICAN PSYCHO- I love it to this day and in no way shape or form do I picture this remake improving on the original or even succeeding at the box office- has Hollywood really not seen the way these remakes of cult movies have been dive bombing at the box office?

Variety broke the news along with the poor soul chosen to write and direct the film, Noble Jones. At this exact moment the film has not been greenlit so there is still a possibility it won’t get off the ground but the project has been pitched and Jones has turned in a draft of the script.

The biggest problem for me is that Christian Bale turned in a phenomenal performance in the original as the raging psychopath Patrick Bateman and I just can’t picture someone reimagining that role let alone the whole film in a way that would be satisfying or give the original justice. Sure it wasn’t a perfect movie, but few are and I happen to adore the original as imagined with Christian Bale and for once I’m really hoping this remake does not make it off the ground.

Via: Variety

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